Segway Skirt

The Chariot Attached Segway

Found at Likecool

6 Responses to "Segway Skirt"

  1. On the plus side, slightly less geeky looking than your average Segway.

    On the minus, much more "android-y" looking than your average Segway...

  2. This is actually an awesome technology to replace wheelchairs.

  3. Heh. Funny seeing this here. I actually know of the people involved in developing this thing. This prototype looks a bit android-y but, Gwenny is right., the actual unit is AMAZING. A real breakthrough.

  4. Robo-Merman goes where no mere biped has gone before.

  5. ROBO TOOL...

    [.. This week Exmovere Holdings has unveiled a wearable transportation device, called the Chariot. Wow, what it looks like? The robot? The Chariot is a self-balancing, hands free concept vehicle which is a wearable, sensor-activated pod designed for use ...]

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