The Fishing Is Good

School Of Fish Jumping

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  1. The tactics are bad.

    Those fishermen are using a disturbing tactic to unsettle these fish. With either sonic vibrations or heavy metal guitar shredding pumped directly into the water, the fish try to escape the noise by jumping frantically. Don't forget that sound travels much farther and faster through water than through air.

    I wonder if stress makes the fish taste different-I mean- massive amounts of stress hormones released into the fish's bodies is also ingested into those who consume them must make people feel stressed themselves.

    I hate people who are this arrogant and disrespectful of our environment; and that's A LOT of people.

  2. Allowing these fish to live is arrogant and disrespectful of our environment. They're invasive Asian carp, being corralled electrically by Fish & Wildlife scientists. The natural diversity of North American river systems and the Great Lakes is being decimated by this voracious alien species. And they taste like mud anyway.

  3. second what Mantoid said. These fish were introduced to the Mississippi years ago and have taken over, killing and starving out local populations. They jump like that at the slightest disturbance and can cause serious injury if one hits you.

  4. It's a salmon run, people. Each year salmon "run" upstream to lay their eggs. Only the strong survive. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

  5. ^Thanks, I'll be heading to the Pacific Northwest soon, and needed practice listening to someone spout off with great certainty about a subject of which they have no clue! Happens a lot there, but love your beer. Asian carp being counted by F&W with electrical stimulation. Only see salmon at Fred Meyer's?

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