Reclaim Your Identity

San Patrignano Identity Ad

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8 Responses to "Reclaim Your Identity"

  1. Um. Creepy.

  2. Do they mean like... when someone steals it? That is a useful service afterall.

  3. Yeah, I think it's for identity theft
    and I agree with Monique. It is kind of creepy!

  4. cool ad!

  5. wowwww thats proper bosss, even the way the sculpture is the same shape as the face ๐Ÿ˜€ luvv itt!!

  6. I love this! Shes beautiful. anyone who says she's ugly is mere retarded.

  7. San Patrignano welcomes all young men and women who have serious drug abuse problems, regardless of ideology, social background, or religion, and completely free of charge, accepting no payment or funding from their families or the government.
    Since 1978, San Patrignano has taken in over 18,000 people, offering them a home, healthcare, legal assistance, and the opportunity to study, learn a job, change their lives, and regain their status as full members of society.

  8. Obviously not about identity theft... i think more about losing your identity in a world where even human originality is practically mass produced. beautiful piece.

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