Ring Finger

Finger Piercing

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  1. This is insane. Kinda awesome, but insane. People will pierce anything!

  2. That is gross. It looks so wrong!

  3. Not a real piercing. Just look at it!

  4. If that is real that would have really hurt, plus infections would SUCK

  5. if that is real how the hell did they get it on?????

  6. well its not real, so they didnt put it on. Its not even a good photoshop, its just for shock value

  7. i just threwup in my mouth a little bit.

  8. Ppl do get they finger pierced...but that 1 fake trust me I kno

  9. this is not physically possible. I'm a tattoo/piercing artist and I actually sat here for a good 10 minutes trying to figure this out. Not even being done like a dermal would this be possible. This picture is just photoshopped is all. Don't let it fool you. And trust me, if this were a real piercing, I would have done plenty of them by now.

  10. Geeze i hope it is fake, hoping this person isn't really a moron.

  11. definitely impossible - anybody who's use to piercings will tell you that xD

  12. Fake or not... I showed this one to my tattoo artist and he is having a friend of his that creates body jewelry to create this ring for me and i'm getting this done as an engagement ring.... what more better way to show your loyalty to your husband than with a ring you cant take off? That's what i say.

  13. That is kind of awesome

  14. If this were a real piercing, consider the dynamics involved in having it. Your finger brushes against anything it could catch on, with your finger either straight or, god forbid, bent, like we do all day long, and it would tear it straight out of the skin. It's too close to the top layer of skin and would also likely work it's way out of the skin naturally. Sure, it's cute and all, but it's not real and no piercer with an ounce of brain would do it. Get a tattoo of a ring done instead.

  15. Took 30 seconds to deconstruct this design. Is the photo real? IDK. The ring CAN be done; after the bead is turned to "locked" position to close the hinged band (hinged on reverse, ends meet inside the piercing and inside the bead) the diamond (mounted on top of a screw) screws down into a hole that runs thru both halves of the nesting band-ends (cotter pin style, only twisted in) where they meet inside the piercing- holding it all plumb. Doesn't mean it's real.

  16. what the hell who would do that i get why people pierce there hips and bellys but your finger thats just f***ed up.

  17. I think its very elegant, feminine. Nicely and tastefully placed.

  18. this looks wicked! where can i get one?

  19. if this could happened where can you get it done ?

  20. Where I get one of these?

  21. As much as i like it i dont think it can be done or we would see more of them because its cute...mostly permanent yet if engagement goes sour removable lol

  22. obviously photshoped... ive been a piercing artist for years now and i can see actually doing this piercing but without a doubt rejection would occur and this does not look anything like a real piercing...

  23. The diamond is a micro dermal anchor and then they just have a regular finger piercing under it to make it look like 1.

  24. Showed this to my husband and while we can tell it is fake, I asked him what he would think if I did that. He said it would Gross him out and I better not even THINK about doing that.:)

  25. No its really not fake just good work. You do the micro dermal anchor first let it heal then have a regular piercing done close to the anchor so that it looks like 1. My wife and I are going to get it done in a month or so

  26. I soooo want this done it looks amazing ! Anyone in joburg sa that does it

  27. If this was real you would regret it if you need an MRI or surgery all metal must be removed so you would have wasted your time and money (j/s) as if it were real you would have to have help removing and then reinserting it

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