Hibernating Turtles

75 Turtles Hibernating In A Fridge

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11 Responses to "Hibernating Turtles"

  1. hahahahaha.... are they alive??

  2. =O so that's what turtles do in their spare-time ^^

  3. you animal killer. No im just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. they carry salmonila

  5. look at thier lil arms hanging through XD so cutee :O

  6. That's so cruel!

  7. THATS SO NOT CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a turtle. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO HIBERNATE IN THE FRIDGE!!!!!!!! GOSH!!!! DONT MAKE SUCH A FUSS!!!!!!!!!!! they wont die. DUH

  8. I used to have a turtle...pity I never stuck him in the fridge! Imagine what mom would have thought if I did!

    Are they hibernating? What's with the wine? Everyone knows turtle goes well with white wine...hmmm

  9. WTF!!!!!!!!!! that better not be real
    but its tottaly funny
    lol !!!!!

  10. They're not turtles they're tortoises, and you didn't ought to be putting them in the fridge. They will die, they will go off, aand they will stink.

  11. This is not animal cruelty. They have fridges that were made purposely for hibernatin animals. Don't you watch animal planets?

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