Pool Safety Campaign

Pool Safety Awareness Campaign | Where's Your Child?

c/o Seaspace

15 Responses to "Pool Safety Campaign"

  1. Well it works!

  2. that is terrible

  3. it's true! someone could mistake that for a real child!

  4. Is that a towel?

  5. Horrible, hate it. Well done, it works.

  6. how is that made?

  7. TIMMY

  8. The walking kid looks so disturbed.

  9. Scary, but effective

  10. This ad has been made into towels and has been put on the bottom of pools, so I don't know which one.

  11. LOL
    no kidding
    that baby is all like

  12. that is soo horrible. They did not have to put a child on it. They could of still gotten their message out and clear. they could have done without the pic of boy.

  13. we need this so parents don't think about drown proofing. no better thing then to keep your eyes on your kids,always

  14. They could have put an outline of a kid and had it with black ink so the contrast makes it stand out. It would still get the message across without have it look so real. I could see people getting freaked out about this. But that might be the feeling the advertisers where shooting for.

  15. I just want to know why no one is saving him....

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