Above The ByLaw

8 Responses to "Above The ByLaw"

  1. I see that it's a K9 car... is the dog driving?

  2. illegal immigrants are getting sneakier huh

  3. Hmm... That's an LAPD cruiser, but those guys are in LA county sheriff's uniforms...

  4. Its funny to me how thats illegal, yet the ones who are suppost to inforce the laws are doing it.

  5. i think its actually an la county police cruiser... and yes, it is illegal. but, im sure they have a good reason for doing it. you know what else is illegal that cops can do?? park in the red zone, drive without a seat belt, break into houses, carry a gun, drive over the speed limit ... the list goes on... and hey! you can do cool stuff like that too! just be a cop and have a good reason for doing it...

  6. and don't forget the tons of paperwork that come after doing all the fun stuff

  7. you can drop the pretense of having a good reason, they never do ,cops are on average some of the lowest IQ people as a group of any people on earth ,that's another reason they often do this kinda shit, they are hired that way on purpose so they follow orders without question and when forced to think will instead opt for violence, via taser ,mace, night stick or when in mass, ganging up on the victim for beating and kicking.

  8. Thats actually a Burbank Police K9 unit with what appears to be Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputys hitching a ride!

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