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Pig Butchering Guide

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  1. This is true.

  2. Pig.

  3. Delicious

  4. Um... I'd mark the snout, tail, and hooves as "not delicious"... or at least the nads, but hey, that's just me.

  5. well, deuce, if you like hot dogs and other sausages you might want to change your mind.

  6. pigs are gross

  7. As a bit of a kosher hog myself, let me assure you - all bits of the pig are delicious. I am partial to the sausage makin' bits, yee hee!

  8. Animals should not be seen as delicious!
    We do not require meat in order to survive, we dont even have the carnal desire to kill the meat ourselves, you are all programed to see meat as a commodity, can you imagine how it would be if you went to a supermarket and a human baby or arm or leg or rump was pre-packed and weighed for you! would you still buy it! Sorry i know i am going to get flack for this but it annoys me that we try to make everything a commodity even if we dont need it! Meat stays in the digestive tract for years and years, rotting away and causing all sorts of medical problems, i know this cuz i have been a veggie for 25 yrs and recently had a colonic irrigation, big chunks of pork chicken and beef flowed out from me, NICE!!!

  9. Hooray!!! The veggies have arrived.

    You're right about prepacked human babies though. A word of advice - go to the deli counter and choose for yourself .

  10. As a non-vegan trying to become a vegetarian it is very hard to resist the temptation of good ol' bacon. I have been on this path for little over a year now and have still found myself consuming meat products. However, I agree with Aaron and feel that meat has become a commodity and we are not made to properly digest or consume it.

  11. animals should be seen as delicious when they are indeed delicious

    the problem with veggies is that they dont understand that we eat not only to survive, but because it tastes good.

    and the tastebuds must also be obeyed.

  12. By the way Veggies, Humans are Omnivorous - capable of consuming both plant and animal products. A pure vedgetable (or a pure meat diet for that matter) diet will probably lead to a deficiency disease, if not you will have a signifcantly lower BMI. Either way it's not natural. We were built to eat meat (and vedgetables) and we've done so as far as recorded history. One thing is for sure - a Vegan is by no means healthier than a normal person with a balanced diet. Food chain - we're in it. At the top.

  13. Hey veggies? Why do you have to try to starve the animals to death? If they eat plants and you eat nothing but plants and want everyone else to also, what do you think will happen when its them or us for that last sprig of broccoli? Evil jerks want to starve all the animals, its a sad sad day.

  14. Hey now Aaron. Human baby is a delicacy in many countries, and goes particularly well with an aged Chianti. And as for human arm, there's not as much usable meat as there is on a human leg, but since we're bipeds, the arm is a wonderful choice for a tender roast. Gentle seasonings, no tenderizing required, and the leftovers make wonderful cold sandwiches.

    I'd love to see more options at my local deli!

  15. I completely agree with aaron. And we are not built to eat meat, people just decided to. And snuzz, learn how to spell vegetables. I can tell you're intellectual. And we're at the top of the food chain? What about sharks? If animals eat a human they would get killed if possible. But if we eat animals, it's fine. I don't understand it to be honest, and I think it is unfair.

  16. i, and when i say i, i mean us all, see ourselves as equals to the animals they eat meat, we eat meat most are not cannibals though some are (as with human animals) but they have also been known to eat humans and not cry about it but as for myself i hunt what i eat yea it may be in a store with pre packaged meats but i still don camo gear and a blow dart gun and stalk the isles

  17. "Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans, are a persistent irritant to any chef worth a damn. To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living. Vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, and an affront to all I stand for, the pure enjoyment of food. The body, these waterheads imagine, is a temple that should not be polluted by animal protein. It's healthier, they insist, though every vegetarian waiter I've worked with is brought down by any rumor of a cold. Oh, I'll accommodate them, I'll rummage around for something to feed them, for a 'vegetarian plate', if called on to do so. Fourteen dollars for a few slices of grilled eggplant and zucchini suits my food cost fine." -Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential, p. 70.

  18. In responce to the vegi's... meat IS needed by the human body to survive, as the human body cannot manufacture all the amino acids/proteins it needs without meat, which is why you eat meat substitute XD as it has those things in it.

    As for colonic irrigation.. i'll leave the tubes squirting stuff up my ass out thanks.

  19. If you are a vegetarian, then there are at least two things that can be said about you that are incontrovertibly true: 1) You have CHOSEN to be a vegetarian - regardless of the reasoning. 2) Therefore, you have placed yourself in a MINORITY group of people - by CHOICE. SO - why is it that you all must go around telling the rest of the world why you are right, and everyone else is wrong? YOU made the CHOICE to live YOUR LIFE a certain way. So have THE REST OF US who aren't vegetarian. So, you need to be less concerned about what everyone else is doing, and just pay attention to what YOU are doing. On that note, I am going to pay more attention to what I WAS DOING - and that is chewing on this nice tasty slab of dead cow thats on my plate. 🙂

  20. Anonymous - I love that you quoted Anthony Bourdain! He's the best.

  21. I'm a vegetarian, and yeah, it is a personal choice.
    When I go places, I don't expect people to coddle me and cook just for me, I don't expect restaraunts to cater to me (though it is nice when it happens), I don't preach about my dietary choice. However, if only meat eaters were as considerate and didn't sit around and mock my personal choice like I'm the son of satan for saying no to meat, that would be nice too, but whatever. The shocked looks and questions like, what about chicken? (Hey, got news for you, thats meat, fish too.) Get pretty old after a while.

    All that being said, this picture would leave me to believe that you meat eaters would love eating the intestines and snout of the pig. I dunno, maybe pig nose is tasty.

  22. Am a veggie over here dammit! No militant or extreme views I'm afraid, just an enormous ego. Food chain = we ARE tertiary consumers (we eat sharks et al). Natural diet = anything that moves & most things that don't (we have a long digestive tract, canine teeth & incisors for a reason Tara). MeatEater = a totally inadequate tool (feels threatened by other peoples' life choices). Me, I just happen to prefer live animals to dead ones. Ever made friends with a pig? They're hugely personable in a baconie sort of way. Why is it meaties, & in particular - chefs, seem to feel that we veggies are an enemy of some kind? Is it only the kind of people who kick you to death for not believing in God who do this? Having said all that, enjoy a pork rind or two. I've been vegetarian for 17 years or so, & I'm as healthy & happy as the meatiest guy in town! HAHA! Hooray for me! *smug*

  23. Meat is MURDER

    Delicious, yummy, mouthwatering...Murder

    Yum, what shall we kill today?

  24. Yes, humans have evolved to eat meat. Vegetarian/Vegan diets can create deficiencies in B12 etc. We are omnivores, studies of the bones of our ancestors shows the majority had a diet that consisted mostly of meat, and some fruit etc. on the side.

    Our teeth are similar to a dog for example (carnivore), whereas our teeth are not as effective at ripping meat as some animals they're still pretty good. The rest of our bodies is also similar to a carnivore animal, the way our digestion system works - if we were strictly vegetarians we would have a better system in place for digesting plant material, several stomachs for example. Whereas we can eat some raw plant material, a lot of it we need to cook to be able to digest it and get the benefit.

    Basically a human is a jack of all trades and should eat a mixture of food, yes people can survive on a vegan diet and yes the eskimos survive on a diet of just meat and fat, but really a vegan is just a starved omnivore. It makes sense that we should eat meat, fruit, and some plant material as this is what we have evolved to eat therefore are designed to make the most of. Which is why the modern recommendation of so much of a majority of grains in the diet is a strange one, and limiting meat.

    I am not against vegetarians or vegans in the slightest choosing this path for moral reasons. I completely support that. I wouldn't personally recommend switching to a veggie in order to be healthier though, perhaps that would be counterproductive.

    Back more on topic - great picture 🙂 reminds me of the Pacman pie chart.

  25. Lol, vegetarians can cry thier eyes out.

  26. I'm not against vegans/vegetarians but it's a part of life lots of animals eat only meat like lions others eat vegetables/ fruits others like humans should eat both to get a healthy diet yeah I know it can be tough to imagine how the food got there or what it is but we are adapted to eat meat AND vegetables you don't really have to but seriously its not a great idea to deprive your body of what it needs
    and tara when you said "And we’re at the top of the food chain? What about sharks?" a sharks regular diet does not consist of humans they usually eat seals or fish they rarely eat people they just think they eat people a lot because of movies like Jaws

  27. meat tastes good, I dont particularly care for how animals are treated for us to obtain meat. but its not gonna stop me from contributing to the problem. I like meat plain and simple. but i have sorta slacked off on beef and pork to ease my conscious a bit. but thats just until i get hungry for some good old steak. sorry vegans, im just not that committed to the cause.

  28. I've hunted, cleaned and cooked them myself. THEY ARE DELICIOUS, and I and everyone I know will continue to eat them. Also, anyone that thinks they can find the vitamins and amino acids/proteins anywhere else than meat, good luck.

    I'd go on more, but my Foreman grill just finished heating up and I have a lot of ground beef to be made into hamburgers.

  29. Dude, why DON'T we have prepackaged baby yet? Seriously, I get so sick of having to butcher my own. If this were really an enlightened society, I'd be able to buy shrink-wrapped, free range baby by the pound. Stupid vegans, they ruin everything.

  30. look, i have no problem with vegetarians, but I do get annoyed when they fail to realize we aren't the only living creature that eats the meat of others. and also, although animals are can be smart, that doesn't mean they think like humans. most animals, upon the loss of a spouse, dont even mourn their loss (although some have been known to.) Also, to the people that went vegetarian for health reasons, thats, as someone has already mentioned, counterproductive. A large section of the food pyramid is animal byproduct, including dairy.

  31. It's not that vegetarians love animals, it's that they hate plants. Where are the defenders of the lowly plant, just because they dont have a fancy central nervous system they are somehow lesser beings?

    If we didnt grow and eat cows, would they even exist? Vegetarianism would cause mass extinction of many of our most lovable buddies.

    And as far as natural, when was the last time you saw a wild broccoli, corn, cabbage? That's right, they dont exist.

  32. You are what you eat.

  33. mmmmm bacon...

    but nothing beats a nice rare steak, just warmed up. Although in the vegitarians defence I do like a little pepper on my steak, and that is a plant.

  34. delicious pork anus

  35. And, VicinSea, you just went ahead and ate a whole plate of misplaced self-righteousness, pride and arrogance, didn't you?

  36. Scavengers r at the top and eat us when we die. Check it out if you dnt believe me. And another thing to those ppl who think sharks eat ppl i got news 4 u, they dnt want to. They actually think we taste horrible and spit us out. The only reason they ever attack us is because they think we're seals not ppl. Watch a lil' discovery channel and maybe ull learn sumthin. Btw 2 the veggies i hav a friend whose a veggie and i do respect her choice but i can tell shes so weak its not even funny. So u do need the amino acids from meat lik 1 of u ppl said. My father's a docter (gastrenolenternologist) so i shuld know. I may b only in middle school but i know alot more than u!

  37. Animals eat other animals because they don't know anything different. You don't know, maybe if they knew they didn't have to eat meat, they wouldn't. And please, M&M plz dnt tlk like this bcuz it is so annoying. And we need protein, not meat to survive. Meat isn't the only thing that contains protein.

    In my opinion, I don't care if you eat meat or not, it doesn't really matter, but the obnoxious people like meateater and the person whose name was 'morons' piss me right off. The world could do with less of you guys.

  38. Our ancestors didn't spend tens of thousands of years fighting to the top of the food chain for us to give up now.

  39. new and improved PETA-PETP (people eating tasty pigs) mmmmmmmmmmm bacon!

  40. damm the whole pig is food???

  41. Just to clarify - CERTAIN AMINO ACIDS & COMPLEX PROTEINS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IN MEAT, BUT ADULTS CAN DO WITHOUT THEM. Even kids can as well, if their diet is carefully maintained. These proteins are helpful, but NOT essential. The worlds' most rapidly expanding human population is in India, and a large percentage of those 1000,000,000 or so Hindi's are strictly vegetarian. In the face of such evidence, is it realistic to suggest that a meat - free diet is unhealthy? By the way - "gastrenolenternologist"? Are you sure you even know who your daddy wuz cuz? Try googling "gastrenolenternologist" & see what you come up with. Let us know what you find out. Hang on! That's just given me an idea... maybe we should eat all the smartmouth bebokids and do the world a favour! I would give up my vows to rid the planet of those irritating, uneducated moth - wits!

  42. Bacon tastes gooood. Pork chops taste gooood.

    Face it. Pigs are big, stupid, and delicious for our benefit!

    Anyone who thinks that meat sits in your intestine for years needs to just shut the hell up. Aaron was probably stupid enough to fall for the colon cleanse prank. Either that, or he had something really embarrassing still stuck up his ass from that unfortunate gerbil party.

  43. Yes... Humans were designed to eat meat. For a biological example, simply look at those pointy teeth in the corner of your mouth.
    Yes... It is possible to live a healthy life without eating meat.

    No... Trying to convince omnivores to become vegetarians won't make a difference.(and vice versa....)

    If you really want to make the world a better place, why not lead by example, because preaching your views seldom works

  44. Veggie here. And a new one at that. Only been a veggie for about 5 months. and it's been amazing. Lost weight, feel healthier than ever, etc, etc.
    True, we humans are omnivores, but the general meat : veg ration consumed by huges are way out of propertion. More veg, less meat. I don't have anything against eating meat, just that it's kinda unhealthy when consumed too often.

    Rather stick to fish. Or Vegetarian equivalents.

    AND FOR THE LOVE OF COLONS! Stay away from anything deep-fried!

  45. You'll take this back when pigs fly....

  46. Aaron, you should have chewed better.

  47. 'Pigs are big, stupid, and delicious for our benefit'

    Big? Yeah. Stupid? Not at all. What was it, aren't they smarter than dogs? I can't remember now but they're pretty smart, and I think pig tastes really... nasty.

    Gosh, why do I keep coming back to this post. It's becoming sad now.

  48. The Vegetarian's Nightmare
    (a dissertation on plants' rights)

    Ladies and diners I make you
    A shameful, degrading confession.
    A deed of disgrace in the name of good taste
    Though I did it I meant no aggression.

    I had planted a garden last April
    And lovingly sang it a ballad.
    But later in June beneath a full moon
    Forgive me, I wanted a salad!

    So I slipped out and fondled a carrot
    Caressing its feathery top.
    With the force of a brute I tore out the root!
    It whimpered and came with a pop!

    Then laying my hand on a radish
    I jerked and it left a small crater.
    Then with the blade of my True Value spade
    I exhumed a slumbering tater!

    Celery I plucked, I twisted a squash!
    Tomatoes were wincing in fear.
    I choked the Romaine. It screamed out in pain,
    Their anguish was filling my ears!

    I finally came to the lettuce
    As it cringed at the top of the row
    With one wicked slice I beheaded it twice
    As it writhed, I dealt a death blow.

    I butchered the onions and parsley.
    My hoe was all covered with gore.
    I chopped and I whacked without looking back
    Then I stealthily slipped in the door.

    My bounty lay naked and dying
    So I drowned them to snuff out their life.
    I sliced and I peeled as they thrashed and they reeled
    On the cutting board under my knife.

    I violated tomatoes
    So their innards could never survive.
    I grated and ground 'til they made not a sound
    Then I boiled the tater alive!

    Then I took the small broken pieces
    I had tortured and killed with my hands
    And tossed them together, heedless of whether
    They suffered or made their demands.

    I ate them. Forgive me, I'm sorry
    But hear me, though I'm a beginner
    Those plants feel pain, though it's hard to explain
    To someone who eats them for dinner!

    I intend to begin a crusade
    For PLANT'S RIGHTS, including chick peas.
    The A.C.L.U. will be helping me, too.
    In the meantime, please pass the bleu cheese.

    Baxter Black
    Coyote Cowboy Poetry 1986

  49. lol... just stumbled this, and once again find that the comments are infinitely more entertaining than the actual page content! my input for what it's worth? to be honest, i reckon most of you are getting a little too deep for a thread on a website called foundshit.com... but meh, i like to think everything in moderation, why restrict ourselves to only eating certain things? ok, babies... no... but that's a moral issue way beyond whether we eat animals or not...

    keep up the good work guys!

    x ;p

  50. Humans eat meat.

    Other animals eat meat.

    If other animals don't "murder," and humans are indeed equal to all other animals, then eating meat is A-OK.

  51. well lets explain this scientifically, as far as evolution goes if it werent for certian protiens only meat contains the human brain would not have grown to the size it has. other intellegent creatures that eat meat include dolphins they dont just hang around and swim with tuna the eat the ugly lil fishys meat is a very good source for predators nutrition. if early primates had stuck to eating shrubs we would probably not even be debating this let alone explored the moon and the planets of the solar system.

  52. "The worlds’ most rapidly expanding human population is in India, and a large percentage of those 1000,000,000 or so Hindi’s are strictly vegetarian. In the face of such evidence, is it realistic to suggest that a meat - free diet is unhealthy?"

    First off, many castes in India do indeed eat meat.
    Secondly, 10% of Indians are Muslim and eat meat.
    Third, meat eating is becoming more common
    Fourth, check their average life span, just because you can reproduce dosnt mean you are healthy by todays standards

  53. stumbled upon. Comments worth much more than image.

  54. save the plants! eat meat!
    don't let those evil rabbits and deer murder all the brazen botanical beauties we call veggies! destroy (and consume) the destroyers! save the cute little planties!


  55. I guess all these flesh tearing teeth we have are for show.

  56. HAHAHAHAHA! This is the funniest shit I've ever seen! It's just a picture folks, do you understand that? What topic are you guys on now? People in India? This website is called "Found Shit", I think you guys took this picture a little out of context.

  57. As always, what could have been a semi-intelligent conversation has been turned into a bash fest. As soon as people such as Esteban (and his bashers) are allowed free reign to make comments about other users, it is pointless to try to continue the conversation. It appears that diet, whether meat "enhanced" or not, does not guarantee the ability to hold a polite or intelligent conversation.

  58. Kron made one of the best points so far. I agree that if we didn't eat cows and pigs and sheep, then no one would farm them. They'd go extinct because they're domestic animals.

    Not that living for a short time before being eaten is much of a life for them. But we're not here on earth for long either. So eat meat, f*ck like rabbits and drink yourself stupid, we're all just atoms anyway.

  59. I'm going to eat as much meat as I possibly can tomorrow just to spite you veg-tards.

  60. I never really understood why it's more acceptable to eat immobile, mostly-defenseless plants than to, say, eat a rabbit that can escape quite handily.

  61. Then you're not very smart are you? Plants do not have nerves.

  62. If God didn't want us to eat pigs, then why did he make them from pork?

    Mmm, pork.

  63. 1. If the question is of Death:

    You kill things every second by virtue of you being a living changing affecting thing.

    2. If the question is of Suffering:

    You are looking out for pigs? Who are you, help people! Pigs may not even be self-aware enough to make any of its suffering into real pain. Humans are tortured all the time, directly or indirectly by other humans and nature in general.

    3. If your argument against the above is that they can't communicate their own pain....

    When animals are pissed they will let whoever is closest to them know

    4. If the question is of Nutrition:

    yes meat is very nutritious, and we have evolved to be very good at eating meat (and veggies). There are supplementary diets, however it isn't a perfect science.

    -> Don't save the whales, yes they are pretty... pretty big and interesting to study like anything else... but really... save the humans first.

  64. @ Trav: I hope you are being facetious, because that shit from Kron is not a "point"; it's a side effect of severe brain damage. We should subject cows to inhumane suffering and death because otherwise we wouldn't breed them and they'd go extinct? What is that? "Sure, keep me confined to a cage my entire life and then murder me because I'm willing to suffer for the good of the bovine race!"

    @ Taylor: slow down, dude, slow down and I'll help you through this. It may not be too late -- but I'm gonna warn you, some of this will be a BIG CHALLENGE for a little pea-brain like yourself:

    1. Death. Uh, ok, but it's still better for me to try to reduce the amount of suffering & death I cause, n'est ce pas? Or will you give me a pass on kicking your ass and murdering you because, hey, after all, I "kill things every second by virtue of being a living changing affecting thing." (& BTW, WTF with the new-age bullshit lingo?)

    2. Gosh, I hadn't realized that looking out for pigs and looking out for my fellow humans was an either/or proposition. Of course I'm against the suffering and needless torture of human beings. (In your case, however, I'll make an exception.) Where did you people go to school?

  65. im sorry for posting without being more technical... im talking about making ethical decisions. Saving pigs displaces the time spent saving humans, does it not? Saving human ideologies, might help in the long term to save pigs... might it not?

    Im not attacking your defense of helpless complex organisms... just the ethical strategies to do so, which you may or may not share. I support increasing public awareness through public symbols of help, if that is your intent thats ok, but if you are after saving individual thing... i think this in retrospect will appear ultimately unethical. As well I'm not making myself out to know a really good strategy in writing right now that will save the world...


  66. focus your energy somewhere else, you seem to have a lot of it.

  67. btw i am not formally affiliated with any group, the groups around now obviously are not trying hard enough.

  68. Uh, no, saying "veggie burger" instead of "hamburger" at the local Fuddruckers involves no "time displacement" as you call it. (Hint: ease up on the Dr. Who DVDs.)

    Thank you for ignoring the rest of my arguments. I win again!

  69. Tis true, tis true ^^

  70. I was a vegetarian for years, but then I realized that my canine teeth were not genetically programmed to be huge and sharp so I can eat lettuce.
    Mankind is omnivorous. Nature doesn't make mistakes like that. If we weren't meant to eat both meat and vegetables, then the meat-eaters would probably have died off. The fact that they didn't shows that an omnivorous diet is optimal.

    For the record, my first hot dog after years of vegetarianism was one of the most delicious things I had ever tasted, and my body was thrilled to have protein back in it. Viva flesh-eaters.

  71. I love this thread so much. Esteban, you are my hero - haha.

  72. Aaron, you're an idiot. Meat is necessary for our diet. It has vitamins and nutrients we need to be healthy. Sure, vegetarians can take bottled vitamins or whatever to make up for it, but that only reinforces my point. I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the human body parts in the grocery store comment you made. Pork is DELICIOUS. If you don't want to eat meat, don't. But giving meat-eaters a guilt trip is stupid. We don't care.

  73. I hope a vegetarian is around me when the world goes to shit and food resources are low. I can grind up the vegetarian's flesh into hamburger meat. But, since they'll probably be all stringy and flavorless due to eating grass all their life, I'll be sure to mix in some pork fat (which I'll have on reserve, of course). MMMMMMM!!!! Much more tasty!

  74. @ MasterDao: Unfortunately for you, this is real life not some post-apocalyptic role-playing game. Does your mom know you're using her computer?

  75. Hilarious and oh so true!

  76. i'm trying to eat less meat, only because i feel i don't want to kill animals to eat, being that natural or not. and especially pig, since they are probably the most intelligent animal we eat. also, i think , the industrialized and cruel way we kill to eat weighs in many people's decision to reduce meat consumption. many things are natural, but we avoid doing them. to have sex with your daughter would be natural, but we tend to think it's not a human behavior. less meat won't kill you, nor a few pigs. plus it'll mean a bit less methane in our atmosphere.

  77. Having sex with your daughter is NOT natural.

    Jesus Christ.

    Worst rebuttal EVER.

  78. Well, it's not exactly how I would have phrased it, but the general point is still valid: eating meat is as "natural" as a lot of other things that might seem evolutionarily "natural," but which we have developed social restrictions against. Saying our teeth are "designed" for eating meat is like saying our arms are designed for killing each other or our sexual organs are designed for rape. It's easy for us to say rape or incest isn't natural (despite our "natural" urges for sex and violence), but we should come to the same realization about the cruelty to animals involved in consuming meat.

    Go Gab!

  79. I love vegetarians...who don't make stupid examples about human children. Sorry, but if I were better-educated I'd bust out some nonsense about how it's a logical fallacy. As it stands, I can just tell you it doesn't make sense. Oh, and...JESUS CHRIST. There is a lot of capitalization on this PAGE. Let's all just settle down and discuss our mutual love of cardamom and how we wish the meat industry was gentler. Can't we all just GET ALONG?????

  80. i just wanted to give an example, i'm sorry if i offended you with the incest comment. but i maintain what i said, we put our boundaries according to what we think benefits us the most, and not according to what is natural or not. then we socialize it. otherwise gay sex is not natural either, because it doesn't allow reproduction of the species. on the other hand, to wear clothes in warm weather is really unnatural! and so to eat meat is natural and we choose to do it or not.

  81. *sigh*
    i should've been in bed hours ago but there's something scintillating about a pissed-off vegetarian who can repeatedly retort with a clever and thought-provoking argument that's not even riddled with typos or grammatical errors like 95% of the rest of these posts.
    you know who you are.
    keep 'em coming, baby.

  82. No one pays attention to me anymore.

  83. Plenty of hatred here... not so different from everywhere else then?
    Kron... thanks for the intelligent response - makes a refreshing change from the usual (mundane) abuse! Consider: We in the West enjoy such an artificially extended lifespan because of our highly technological medical care facilities. Our longevity is almost certainly NOT enhanced by our diet of cheeseburgers and bacon sandwiches. BTW - please note that it was never my intention to imply that all Indians are Hindu/vegetarian, but I am sure you know that many are ("a large percentage"). I therefore accuse you of pedantry! Are you a politician, by any chance? =)

  84. Wow, people really haven't read up on basic biology, psychology and similar subjects.

    Ok, from a biological viewpoint, we are made to be able to eat meat and veggies, its natural, no matter what you say. Evolutionary studies have shown that the primate that later evolved into humans started eating meat, this massive burst of protein allowed massive brain growth (the brain being almost 100% protein), giving us logic and reason to a level far higher than any other animal. Protein is a vital ingredient in the development in muscles and the brain, and although the body can make these proteins itself, it is far easier to use existing proteins.

    From a psychological viewpoint, (this is more a rebuttal than a freestanding argument) comparing rape and murder to eating meat is not a plausible analogy. For a start, people that murder either do it for a reason, or are mentally unstable, similar to rape, though it is mostly a mental problem that makes people commit rape. Now, unless 99% of the world is mentally unstable, and every society happens to be the same on this point, the act of eating meat is genetically pre-programmed into you.

    I eat fish, pork, beef and/or chicken every day. I am reasonable healthy. Now, my brother has the same diet, he is an elite athlete,if he didn't eat the amount of meat he did, he would not build enough muscle to get to even close the level he has. He could drink protein shakes, yes, but they are very expensive, and are often not as good as advertised.

    Meat is a fact of life, vegetarians are a minority, and vegans are just stupid.

  85. Evolutionary biologists believe that the apes that evolved into humans developed big brains because they ate meat. If this is true, then it stands to reason that refraining from eating meat will eventually result in smaller brains. We might be seeing this regression already.

  86. Esteban is a perfect example of why I considered being veg- and then changed my mind. I didn't want to be lumped in with idiots like that.

  87. I have never seen so many thickoes in one place before!

  88. I actually fell on the floor laughing. Yes Esteban, yes!

    Aatch, I don't think you're one to say who is stupid. I don't go around saying meat eaters are stupid because they don't believe in what I do, because that is pathetic. (Yeah, I'm calling you pathetic.) You seem to be trapped in a box with the majority of people who are incapable of thinking how others may interperate things, that you can't read our arguments, because you repeated a whole lot of what we already mentioned.
    And thanks for explaining you and your brothers diet. I eat bananas, strawberries and/or grapes everyday. I am reasonably healthy. - Thrilling, isn't it just.

  89. coy, me? nah... i just thought i'd point out that, rather than partake in this clash of morals and theories, i'm rather getting off on being a spectator this time. though if some of these asshats continue on in their current vein, i may have to stop biting my tongue! or, um, fingers.. ...ever wonder how the term "meathead" was coined?

    p.s. is that the mac & cheese with the bunny on the box??

  90. Tried living vegetarian for a while - quickly discovered that vegetables aren't food - vegetables are what food eats. Leafy stuff, roots, seeds, flowers even - a nice accompaniment to a tasty skewer of salted, spiced, and lightly-browned chunks of sentient being (deceased).

    Finally, a question - is an oyster *really* more self-aware than a venus fly-trap? How can you tell?

  91. I prefer the colon!

  92. "And we’re at the top of the food chain? What about sharks? If animals eat a human they would get killed if possible. But if we eat animals, it’s fine. I don’t understand it to be honest, and I think it is unfair." - Idiot

    We are better than sharks, especially the Japanese as they are brilliant at killing them.

    BTW, i love battery farmed chicken as you can get about 4 for a tenner, coupled with several baguettes and of course pig this makes a delicious treat.

    QUESTION - why do weirdos... umm sorry... vegetarians eat bread etc when it is killing all that single celled yeast etc. MURDERERS

    If we were not supposed to eat animals they would not taste nice.

    We are not supposed to eat shit (this tastes bad (i presume))

    therefore my point is scientifically proven.

  93. ok, now i'm rolling up my sleeves. you HAD to throw sharks into the mix...
    as a preface, let me begin by saying that the above diatribe is so ridiculous that it reads more like a vegetarian pretentiously mocking a carnivore (not like we'd ever do that) than an actual meat-eater proclaiming his love for all things meaty and meatful. and if you ARE an actual meat fan, ohhh, how do i even begin?

    1. "We are better than sharks, especially the Japanese as they are brilliant at killing them."
    unlike us (and AERO in particular), sharks have been around for millions of years, virtually untouched by evolution. why? because they were pretty much perfect to begin with. they are skilled, graceful hunters who kill for food and to protect their lives and their young. many humans don't need much of a reason at all. they kill because they are jealous, greedy, bored, intolerant, uneducated, intoxicated, and sometimes when they just really wanted that parking spot.

    2. "...battery farmed chicken... makes a delicious treat."
    is it just me, or does cruelty and tastiness seem to go hand in hand with you people? the more horrific an animal's life and/or death was, the yummier it is in your tummy. this is beyond ignorant, and i'm pretty sure you're just spouting this nonsense to piss us off. i used to try antagonizing people i didn't like, also. then i turned eight.

    3. "why do... vegetarians eat bread etc when it is killing all that single celled yeast"
    much like yourself, yeast is not cognizant. lemme know if i need to dumb that down for you.

    4. "If we were not supposed to eat animals they would not taste nice."
    i have it on good authority that certain cuts of people meat taste pretty good, too. bon appetit

  94. If God didn't want us to eat animals why did he make them out of meat?

  95. heheh... matt, what are you, new? i mean, thanks for reviving things, but come on-- give us something we can work with!

  96. Actually it is quite unhealthy in India thier life expectancies on average are no better than our own based upon just diet alone and even worse considering health care is almost non existent, because they eat vegetables and reproduce like rabbits doesn't make the enlightened.

    The massive population expansion amoung vegetarians in India just indicates to me there is a lack of education about responsible birth control methods, afterall the Hindu belief system has no rules against wearing a condom. it must be lack of education then that leads to the population size in the near east, I am not necessarily saying that eating carrots and tree bark makes a society stupider, afterall in Africa they eat meat and overpopulation is just as rampant and unsanitary in many population centers. Meat or not the overpopulation of earth will just kill off billions either way nature has to balance somehow and when the predators outnumber thier prey it will happen and the cycle will begin again Now if you'll excuse me I have to light my bbq.


    “The worlds’ most rapidly expanding human population is in India, and a large percentage of those 1000,000,000 or so Hindi’s are strictly vegetarian. In the face of such evidence, is it realistic to suggest that a meat - free diet is unhealthy?”

    First off, many castes in India do indeed eat meat.
    Secondly, 10% of Indians are Muslim and eat meat.
    Third, meat eating is becoming more common
    Fourth, check their average life span, just because you can reproduce dosnt mean you are healthy by todays standards

  97. I only stumbled across this page but thought the comments made for interesting reading. I read a convincing arguement the other day about how many animals are killed during harvest time that made a point about how most vegetarians only went as far as not eating meat to satisy their moral views. Yes far fewer animals would be killed if everyone became vegetarian, but still many would die for the sake of growing crops. I was wondering what your view was on this. Are vegetarians only willing to change there diet so far as is convenient to them? I mean if they really cared about animals it would be possible (though admittedly difficult) to change their lifestyle so that they didn't buy these mass produced foods. Everyone has their limit of what they are willing to give up to live a comfortable lifestyle. Personally, many of my favourite meals contain meat so i'm not willing to give it up.

  98. get off your moral highhorse all you veggies! man has been hunting and gathering since before you can even imagine. no, meat is not "needed" to survive. but thats a choice that we as humans are allowed to make. not only that, in nature bigger animals hunt and kill and eat smaller animals in order to survive and to provide for their offspring or pack. its a natural, animal like instinct. and guess what... humans have it too.

    peach out!

  99. The reasoning behind Pork being taboo in Hebrewic and muslim religions : There was NO refrigeration. They died after eating green ham.

  100. It seems that a lot of tree-hugging, granola, EarthDay nutballs are also Vegans. That's fine, except for the ones that try to put down meat-eating. Ironically, I eat meat, which removes a lot of methane animal waste from the atmosphere... protecting the ozone layer. Now the Veggies come along, eating up every plant they can find, strangling the planet of precious oxygen, and sending CO2 numbers through the roof... or even more accurately, through the giant hole they're creating. Somebody slap an "Eat me, I'm delicious" t-shirt on that swine, and grab me a big slab of ribs!

  101. Personally not into meat myself but if others want to then I don't really care.


    ..tasty, TASTY murder!

  103. Does that picture mention vegetarians? No! Stop whining and don't force your beliefs on other people!

  104. So - Eating meat is wrong because it forces animals to live a "low-quality life" and then kills them.

    If this is your argument for being a Vegetarian it means either one of two things

    1.) You are religious and believe in an after/before life - This is because if it were not for meat eaters there would not be as many animals alive as there are today - Ranches would not exist if there were no meat eaters and because of this there wouldn't be as many pigs/chickens/cows alive - By using the quality of life argument you are saying that no-life is better than a miserable life = you believe in something other than life and all creatures experience this after/before life (if you're Christian this means you believe animals have a soul)

    2.) You're an idiot

    Your call 🙂

  105. Wow, this forum has gone all over the place. Can I just say to Esteban that you seem a little inflexible. The main issue that people have with vegetarians seems to be that they feel that their (veggie) views are forced upon them. Maybe if you were a little less forceful you would make more of an impression. Maybe they feel inferior or something, maybe they feel like it's a criticism. It doesn't matter.

    That only matters if you actually want to make an impression. You may just want to rant and rave; it doesn't particularly matter to me, or, I think, many other people on this page.

    I deal with large-scale conflict constantly, and with so many people worldwide dying for ridiculous shit it is kinda irritating that some people remain so confrontational. That's why you're kinda offensive to me. You seem to be one step away from the madman who bombs a restaurant because it's "meaty".

    And finally, just so you don't go all meaty madness on me, it's irrelevant if I eat meat or not right? Maybe I'm veggie and think we should lay off the meaties; maybe I'm meaty and am saying you're being crude. It's all moot. What I'm saying is this: "show a little respect; both to your own by being sensible and to others by being polite"

  106. I really don't understand what the big deal is. I find it hard to believe that anyone ACTUALLY believes people aren't made for eating meat. I agree we aren't made for eating exclusively meat... but I also agree we weren't made for eating exclusively plants.

    I work in a plant lab. Strawberries, specifically. If a lot of vegetarians knew half of the unbelievably complex things that plants do-- things that are extremely similar to animals and bacteria-- they would be hawking the opposite idea that farms are terribly inhumane and we need to let the plants 'be free to roam and experience life.'

    It's food. Yep, it's commercial. But so is everything else, I'm afraid. It sounds to me like your beef is with the large agricultural corporations, not meat-eaters. Trouble is, when you go off and buy your salad and carrot sticks you're funding the same big guys. Unless you're growing your own, in which case I'll say-- get a real job. If you want to make a difference, go out and do it. Don't sit in your backyard picking weeds and grumbling to yourself about the inhumanity of eating meat while you systematically kill dozens of struggling plants. Free ones, at that.

  107. meat is not natural? cavemen ==> hunter gatherers...aka meat and plants.

  108. We end up with most of the 'unwanted' bits in cheap sausages anyway.

  109. okay one its a picture meant to be humorous so veggies get your P.C. heads out of your asses and learn to laugh

    two when im eating i dont like a veggie to be preaching to me , if i ask what you think of the subject then by all means lets sit down and have a chat but unless i ask then kindly shut the hell up and let me enjoy my meal and or leather jacket

    and three you extremist veggies/environmentalists need to get the hell over yourselves bombing scientist houses, throwing blood on expensive clothes ect is going way too far you guys are just as damn hypocritical and for you loony dumbasses who hate humans - news flash you are one so unless you give up every luxry you have to live in the wild , and get some major surgery then shut the hell up

    as for regular veggies i dont mind you guys/gals as long as you dont bother me and i will likewise not bother you

  110. I would never be a vegetarian, and strongly support being an omnivore, as humans were designed to be. But I can support both sides of this- you vegans can feel free to eat what you like, but no need to cry to meat-eaters about their own choice. I understand that some of you feel strongly about this, but it doesn't help to harass. On the other hand, some of the meat eaters aren't exactly respectful, either. Like I said, it's a choice. Just because you believe in having some meat in your diet doesn't mean you have to rub it in the vegan's faces. In fact, it's people like you that make some vegans want to get a little arrogant about this sort of ordeal.

    I have to say this picture is a bit humorous, but remember it's a joke, don't take it too seriously.

  111. @ Esteban....just citing the data explaining our omnivorous nature as it is in evolutionary terms if it seems irrelevant to you it's no skin off my nose.

  112. it always amazes me that americans, the world's most overweight people, would be so proud and excited about consuming huge amounts of meat!

  113. @zee

    Americans are incredibly overweight because of all of the processed corn syrup in their prepackaged foods, not because of meat.

  114. We may not be physically able to digest meat as well as predators like wolves but just like any animal that evolves, the more we eat meat as a people the better and better we will get at eating it. We are no longer simple herbivores but are quickly becoming true omnivores. Being able to eat both meat and plants is a huge leap in out ability to survive and adapt. You can thank the meat that our primal ancestors ate for that big creative thinking brain you have that helps you write your pro vegetarian comments. Withought the iron that we've been getting out of meat for thousands of years we would be about as smart as our close cousin the primates who never made that evolutionary leap.

    And on a personal note I don't see why killing meat is worse then killing plants. Is it because you can relate to animals more then plants? Either way your killing something to eat. Please let me know as I think your all completely retarded and would like to hear a good reason that would change that opinion.

  115. This whole arguing about which is right, vegetarian or not, is really stupid. If you want to be a vegetarian, go for it...but don't push it on everyone else. You made the choice, live with it quietly.

  116. First of all, the pig picture was just supposed to be funny. Do you really think the person who posted it thought the hooves and face were delicious?

    As for you for veg-heads: I was a vegan for years. It was really hard to do. I slowly came back to being a meat-eater. If you read the labels and think about where things come from you will know that it is impossible for a person not to affect other creatures. Just typing on this computer is affecting the planet (carbon emissions). It is impossible to be a true vegan. Even if you lived simply, off the land, you are still going to displace wildlife, kill bugs, kill trees for wood to stay warm and to build your home, whatever. Stop feeling guilty for being alive. Just be smart and responsible for your own choices and stop judging others.

    I think you veggies are just jealous and angry. I think a lot of you really do want some bacon. Don't tell me, you don't miss bacon ..... mmmm, bacon.

  117. This is so tasty I will not only Om, but i will even throw in an NomNom.

  118. Mmmmm... bacon. <3

    To all the veggies who are being rude: I have very sharp canine teeth. Canine teeth are made for ripping and tearing meat. If I were made to be a vegetarian, I would only have flat teeth. As I do not, I can say that I was made to eat meat. And veggies. But mostly meat.

  119. I used to be vegan until I bought my own farm and started raising my own cruelty free animals. I slaughter my own animals and know exactly what they have been fed. These are the best tasting animals Ive ever eaten. Vegans stop eating fake meats and raise your own. I bet most of you dont even grow your own veggies. Stop pointing the finger, raise your own everything.

  120. I wonder from where vegans get the idea that consumed meat stays for years in the intestine and rot there... The adventures of Superidiot?!

  121. The meat industry is the #1 contributor to carbon emissions. If everyone became a vegetarian there would be more than enough food to for everyone since it takes about 8 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of meat.

  122. Eatings pigs will kill you. Plus, it's a sin if you're a Christian. Re-read the Bible.

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