Veggie Cola

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  1. The Japanese have done it again. I'm dying to know how that tastes. I mean, I like Pepsi and I like cucumber so I guess I'd have to like those two things combined right? OH man.

  2. Ick.. tell me that is not a real beverage! Effin nasty. I HATE HATE HATE cucumbers!

  3. The Japanese are well known for their unexpected flavors. I have no doubt that this is an actual flavor. They also have some very unusual flavors variations of the Kit-Kat bar.

  4. OMG I CAN HAS?????

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  6. I'm dying to see how that tastes.

  7. Actually, it's delicious. I drank it all the time in Tokyo.

  8. it actually is delicious. it doesnt taste like cucumber tho. its actually very sweet. has a sierra mist and minty after taste (not a strong mint taste).

  9. if it's not a photosop work -then it must be a Japanese /Chinese product. This Damn people have no limit.. They will eat and Drink every impossible thing. WTF?????

  10. The Japanese get the best products!!!

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