Peacock Wedding Dress

Peacock Wedding Dress

Peacock Feather Dress

$1.5 Million Dollar Peacock Wedding Dress

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13 Responses to "Peacock Wedding Dress"

  1. Where's PETA when a peacock needs help?

  2. sorry but that is nasty looking

  3. f---in amazing!

  4. That's got to be unlucky.

  5. i'm the first to admit that fur coats and leather boots look amazing, but frankly, the peacocks wore those feathers a million times better than this floormat of a dress.

  6. I hope she dreams on the night before her wedding of the thousands of naked peacocks coming to visit her.
    "Where's Our Feathers !!"

  7. Peacocks molt every year and the feathers fall naturally

  8. I am an animal lover, especially for birds. I believe in animal protection, however before you make a comment on something like where's peta when you need them, understand that these birds molt there feathers every year, and then grow them back for mating season. They are by no means hurt or injured.

  9. nice dress but could have used artificial feathers this dress is only a pain to the peacocks and a waste to humans and made for the sake of money and money only.


  11. statements above are true re: molting of feathers....I happen to live in a rural area of Los Angeles with horse properties and many people have peacocks as pets (and they make great defenders) that wander carefree around our homes and the owners collect the molting feathers and sell them...they are not caged or mistreated at fact a couple of the birds often visit me in the morning while I am having coffee in my garden...they are lovely animals and serve a number of people in our community with great joy and awe.

  12. thank you for informing of the relationship of feathers and birds, i am grateful to know that there are responsible ways to work with the plumage of birds that naturally work with their natural beauty.

  13. Yeuk!!! What a total waste of money. It looks like green slime from the back. Uh uh!!

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