Pat's Special BBQ Sauce

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  1. It is the most delicious barbecue sauce in existence, and it is only $2 a bottle!

  2. [...] Not many sauces come in that cause me to snicker at their potentially unintended double-meaning – is this sauce a candidate for   Instead of being home-made sauce or homemade sauce or maybe even “homade” (if we want to start inventing words)…. the makers of this sauce chose “ho-made.”  I’ve seen a few BBQ sauce forums posting a pic of this one and wondering the same – is it intentional or is it a mistake? Here’s a Flickr pic.  Here’s a post on [...]

  3. This brand is owned by a company who bought it from the founding family that created it. It was a business in decline and the FLA company that bought it preserved everything the family had done in developing the product including the name, the packaging and the labeling. The new owner is a personal friend so I know of what I speak. And IT IS a fantastic BBQ sauce. The name was not chosen many years ago as a double entendre. It was a simple conventioning for the label.

  4. I am from Tampa and bought this sauce when it was still made by the original family in Landolakes. It was a really good & different kind of BBQ sauce back then.
    The sauce now has a much different taste than originally. I assume the new people changed the recipe for the worst. I do not buy this sauce any more.

  5. I live in in the st.pete fla area.does anyone know where I can buy Pats BBQ SAUCE..Publix stopped selling..Love this sauce.Have been buying it since 1976..Please help Thanks Fred

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