Breakfast Taco

Bacon Weave Taco Shell Filled With Eggs And Bell Peppers

Breakfast Taco by Dude Foods

One Too Many Acorns

Bite Size Fonzarellis

Go Faster!

Ferris Wheel Photography

Long Exposure Ferris Wheel Photography

Photography by Steve Collis

Doberman Duo

Peanut Butter Cup Gauge

Peanut Butter Cup Gauge Ear Plug

Photo c/o Caleigh

Chocolate Tacos

Chocolate Taco Shells Filled Avocado Mouse, Diced Kiwi And Strawberries

Tutorial & Recipe at Cake Crumbs

Paint Can Chandelier

Ramen Burger

Ramen Noodle Bun Burger

Burger by Go Ramen

Rooster Head

Bronze Zodiac Rooster Head

Part of an Installation by Ai Weiwei

Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads

Exhibiting in Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square