Ouija Lunch Box

Ouija Board Lunch-Box

Artist : Paul Van Scott

13 Responses to "Ouija Lunch Box"

  1. Ever needed to contact a ghost and eat at the same time!? Then the Oujia lunchbox is for you!

  2. learn the ALPHABEAT, NUMBERS and GOOD-BYE in under in mintue

  3. thats funny and scary

  4. Is it lunchtime? Yes...or...No?

  5. [...] If you thought it was creepy to keep a Ouija board in your attic, then you’re really not going to be crazy about carrying one around with you at all times. The Ouija Board Lunch Box in theory could be used as a Ouija board, except instead of using it on a stormy night at the campground, you can use it on a sunny afternoon in the cafeteria. Source [...]

    I am leaving the Amex at home, you should never leave home with out one - the ouija lunch box....
    Where do you buy this?

  7. good box to carry your "spirits" and your "jinn and toxic" - i mean, "tonic", in..... oooooooohhhh.... bad joke....

  8. I want it!!!

  9. It's portable!!

  10. I really want to purchase one of these, yet cannot find one anywhere... Can someone please let me know how to purchase!!! Thanks!

  11. Don't need internet and no stockbroker!

  12. I want one, where can I purchase one and how much?

  13. […] Your food will be safe, and the kids will think you are so cool, eating raw human parts. Or, try this one where you can ask the Ouija for test answers while eating your […]

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