Orange You Glad..

Orange Banana

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17 Responses to "Orange You Glad.."

  1. this is pretty cool/clever ^^

  2. So where do you find an orange like this?? I'd love that.

  3. good. I'd love that.

  4. haha, nice one 🙂

  5. Is that really a orangana? Those aren't real are they?

  6. orangana! i like it.
    i also like "banorange..."

  7. very nice.. good idea... great..

  8. wrap your mind around this-that, the imposible-ones

  9. hahaha

  10. this is crazy youll never imagine nothing like it but it would be good to taste


  12. Well made pic. If it's real, superb engineering.

  13. its says psd for those of you people that throw around the word photoshop all photoshop files auto save as a psd unless you direct it otherwise! in other words its not real.

  14. This is NOT photoshopped! lol

  15. too bad that isn't real... it would be a lot easier to cut into circles for children for snack. .

  16. I should be called banana orange.

  17. im sorry but doesnt anyone understand this joke.
    banana plus orange = banana orange
    which means the girl and the guy = the baby

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