Definitely Not A Cop

5 Responses to "Definitely Not A Cop"

  1. That's the oldest trick in the book. Definitely the po-po, for sure.

  2. You pooded your pants haha LOL

  3. Right, it's a marked police car. But try following me.

  4. I think it was the owners way of saying f-off to the cops? I heard state police were riding with truckers to catch speeders.. I never figured out how that was supposed to work (the legal aspect of riding with truckers).

  5. Another example of the dumbing down of society....right up there with having to label coffee cups you get at the drive-thru with "Caution: contains hot liquid". Really??? Gosh golly darn, who'da thought?? What hotel chain is it that has a spokesperson named "Captain Obvious"? I bet he had a hand in this!!

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