Do Not Sit On Fence

Please Do Not Sit On The Fence

Thanks to Tanya

12 Responses to "Do Not Sit On Fence"

  1. Some people are into that sorta pain. . .

  2. yeah, not much of a rule follower but in this case...

  3. Why would i do that?
    Oh! I understand

  4. That's how the world is going to hell: there are warnings for obvious things to protect the most stupid!

  5. That fence is at an amusement park in Utah. The park is called Lagoon.

  6. So what happens to the kids in Utah who can't read?

  7. As soon as I saw this I knew it was from a sign at Lagoon in Farmington Utah. We took the same picture this yr. As for the kids who can't read I guess they will get a nasty surprise!

  8. For you people saying that people that cant read will get a surprise... Thats the whole point. You wouldnt sit on this fence. Its just for fun. Lets just say you were in a different country and there was a fence just like this and it said do not sit on fence in a dif. language and you didnt understand it.. WOULD YOU SIT ON IT ANYWAYS? LOOK AT THE SPIKES YOU FOOLS.

  9. i think its talking about placing ur body anywhere on the fence not just the spikes... come on guys stop only looking at the obvious

  10. Idk why lagoon did that YOU CAN'T EVEN SIT ON THAT! ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Yeah I work at Lagoon, I do not understand that sign haha

  12. HAHAHA Lagoon!!!!!

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