Mutant Ninja Poodle

Mutant Ninja Poodle Grooming

Pet Grooming by Sandy Paws

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  1. my favorite picture of all time. made my night.

  2. That doesn't look like a poodle anymore, I wonder how it feels...

  3. Oh my God it's horrible, that's not a pet, it's a human deviation!

  4. Ai, I feel bad for the poodle.

  5. Yep, animal cruelty. Someone should shave her head.

  6. i feel sorry for the animal and it looks like the owner

  7. Seriously? people goes to greatest length for attention
    it's all about them...

  8. that's pretty awesome, but oh so wrong

  9. i feel so sorry for the dog! the owner should be ashamed! although the fur doesn't look real.

  10. That makes me want to cry a little on the inside.

  11. Haha, that's awesome

    I bet she treats her dog much better than the average pet owner!

  12. Wow you commentors are moronic. This is called Creative Grooming and is actually a competition. This is no way hurts the animal, the dye is 100% pet safe and these animals are probably treated better and trained better then any dog you will see in your life! I am a creative groomer and this is just the same as going to a regular dog groomer and getting its hair cut. No "cruelty" Involved!

  13. are you being serious? so basically because YOU are doing this to your animals it is ok?
    thats how peoples minds work, anything they do cant be wrong, they wouldnt do it otherwise now would they?

    maybe that paint or dye doesnt hurt the dog or harm it, but still all these procedures it must go through arent actually what dogs like. you wouldnt like that either if nobody was able to tell you why you have to do this shit.

    maybe i should train YOU a little, just because i want to show off in front of others how good i am i will give you a very special haircut....

    your dog cant tell you every little detail of his feelings but i think when it comes to the body of every living being they all want to be left alone, nobody wants others to do this to him.

  14. Calm down folks, it's not animal cruelty, some animals even enjoy the delicate grooming and all the attention, i have a cute dog myself (lol no i dont groom them like in the picture).

    The only thing i dont see right here, is the eye band that might annoy the animal.

  15. Teenage, mutant, ninja poodle...

    Those were the only words, right?

  16. im pretty sure the dog isn't self aware, and doesn't think the same way that humans do about different concepts. im sure it isn't thinking "this is so cruel to me" it probably enjoys it and just drools away

  17. omg
    i cant believe that some people actuly believe in this stuff
    its like the owner only buys the dog 2 groom it and dye it and win the compitition to get the "grand prise money"
    its like the owner is tottally taking advantage of them
    curse that owner

  18. animal cluelty.
    you bitch/.

  19. It's proven that dogs who are dressed in costumes are embarrassed and ashamed. Dogs are not meant to be decorated like cakes, they're living warm blooded mammalsnthat ARE self aware and are capable of a lot more emotions that ignorant people give them credit for.

  20. Okay, yes. It does look uncomfortable for the dog. But who are you to say what he or she feels like? I would think that if a dog is uncomfortable, he/she would be attacking the lady. Not just standing there calmly...right?
    @Michelle... Where's the proof? Who did the study?

  21. cruel!

  22. this does not hurt the dog in anyway. this isnt something you do to a dog normally this is for a competition. if it hurt the dog or it didnt like it they would never be able to do it since the dog would move to much. either the dog is owned by the groomer or it is one of there customers dogs. this kind of thing would only be able to be done maybe twice a year to one dog because of the time and work needed to put in to growing the coat out this long. before you go off saying its cruel ask questions find out info about it dont just assume. also if it was horrible and cruel wouldnt you think PETA would be standing out side these shows protesting? since i was at one today i can tell you first hand there was no PETA there. i have put a little bit of dog dye on my dogs tail it didnt hurt him in any way nor did he get upset over it. those dogs for those shows are groomed every 2 weeks at least with daily brushing how many of you saying its cruel brush your dog every day? or make sure it has proper vet checks twice a year? look at your dog before you talk crap about others. i bet you even feed your dog IAMS lol lol lol lol people

  23. I can't even enjoy long hair. For a poodle, a shave and a hair cut is most likely a good thing. The ink is harmless, so what's the problem? Loss of hair is even less harmless. It will grow back! People have way worse hairdo's than poodles and they choose their own barbers.

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