Doritos X-13D

Name The Doritos Flavor, 2007 | With An 'All American Classic' Hint

Found at adrianbischoff

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  1. Hey there. I ran into a bag of these a few weeks back and thought.... WTF?!?!?! Did we really run out of flavors that we started using codes? lol

  2. So these are the new Doritos made specifically for programmers ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. programmers eh?

    that mystery flavor scares me.

  4. It's supposed to be hamburger, as far as I can tell, but tastes like pickles.

  5. @pinoyskill
    What does X-13D have to do with programming? It seems more like a code name for one of the original super sonic jets.

  6. (they want U to taste & name this flavor)

  7. "Al" has a good point, im going with that.

  8. those things gave me an allergic reaction.. :\

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