10 Responses to "McNasty"

  1. LOL my dinner for tonight.

  2. someone quit or got fired!

  3. Pretty sure they WANTED to leave.

  4. Makes you get the runs

  5. Probably the work of the ALF. Go the ALF!

  6. McNasty, a new booty song.

  7. this is just like the movie "super sized me". (you'll never want to eat at Mc Donalds AGAIN!!!)

  8. I would like to order a McNasty.

  9. I'll have the rent-a-food, pre-chewed, pre-digested, scarf-n-barf, chew-n-spewed fast food, and I'll have the cheese wiz green eggs spam glop in a brown bag please. And for desert, I'll have......something to stop the dry heaving.....

  10. My 23 yr. old son happily ate a big mac that had been in fridge for over a week...he had a halfway into thought & said this seems so wrong, but tastes so right!! HE seemed satisfied & went to shit!! Literally

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