There Is No Escape

11 Responses to "There Is No Escape"

  1. I took a real ass kicking the last time I entered one of these joints.

  2. When did you get a picture of my work?

  3. It's like the Hotel California

  4. There would be no more exit when you enter this kind of place.

  5. There is no exit because when you enter that karate club you will be given a training and that includes kicking you out!

  6. U don't get it: the exit is like a cartoon exit

    you're gonna be thrown rite thru the wall!

  7. neill...yeah, that's kinda the point of the picture...

  8. they must have ordered a set of two by accident

  9. chuck norris can find a way out. hahahh

  10. no, its a brick wall. the place is making a humorous joke based on the fact that in pop culture it is claimed that karate will teach you how to break a brick. so they are saying that when you are ready to leave, you will have the skills needed to do so.

  11. o god what they do with the peoples inside

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