Lettuce Lingerie

Lettuce Lingerie | Peta Campaign

Alicia Mayer PETA Photoshoot

11 Responses to "Lettuce Lingerie"

  1. Beautiful image!

  2. Wow! Just Wow!

  3. LOL... Certainly not the worst way to advertise for a cause!

  4. That's one way to get the boy's attention!!

  5. wow!!i 1 2 eat the lettuce underwear

  6. Suddenly I feel like having a salad.

  7. Vagitarian Giggidy!!!

  8. Wow! what an concept ! What a concept ! Stunning .. Amazing …

  9. wow!!i 1 2 eat 2 the lettuce underwear...

  10. Clams are not vegetarian.

  11. Weird, but a awesome way to advertise!!!! But she ain't that sexy to tell you the truth!! Still, I like your thinking!!=)

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