Vacation Photos

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Photo by Martin Parr

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  1. Haha They look foolish =D

  2. how dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!! strange people u are

  3. Everybody like to be practise kungfu.

  4. Why do people think is funny? Honestly...

  5. I remember doing this. And we failed.

    Our hands were completely in the wrong place.

    Hilarious photo of the tourists.

  6. is it just me, cause i dont see why this is funny

    if there meant to be leaning then there in the wrong place to make it looks realistic...

    but i suppose I'am just sad like that!?!

  7. To "random"- They're probably in the right place for the people who are supposed to be taking their picture (those people are snapping the pictures from a different angle). Whoever took this picture is just observing all of these others having their pictures taken already.

  8. wrong angle.

  9. Tai chi in PIsa!

  10. Awosme!
    Love photos of tourists posing for tourist-style photos

  11. Rural Italy is turning more and more fashionable with tourists. Tuscany is particularly graceful with hilly and mountainous land in much of the area. There are attractive valleys too and interesting Tuscan farm houses.

  12. That guy in the middle is pushing it the wrong way...fool. They all look like fools.

  13. No he isnt, he's pushing it down

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