100 Gallon Drum Set

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  1. [...] 100 Gallon Drum Set [...]

  2. it's in the name

  3. Bang a Drum............., Nice and creative

  4. an amazing idea, great picture very clever indeed.

  5. I wonder what kinds of tones this thing has

  6. Looks heavy I feel for the man that has to set them up
    on stage

  7. I agree with terry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. rock on dude!!!!!!!!!!!the drums is the best thing ever invented!!!!!!

  9. yeah, but are these for a pirate band or something?

  10. who makes these? I want them.....

  11. Thats sublime! i would love to try them!

  12. I wish I had this drum kit. I wonder how good it actually sounds?

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