Library Books

Kansas City Library

Kansas Library Book Building

Kansas City Public Library

Photos by David King

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  1. This idiot who calls himself found doesn't seem to know the difference between Kansas and Missouri.

  2. This idiot who calls himself fritzgabbons doesn't seem to understand the rest of the world don't give a shit that there is a difference between Kansas and Missouri. Not entirely sure that there is a difference, same square different state.

  3. Well, there's good news and bad news.
    A Brit journalist whom I follow on Twitter pointed me to this site, so I could see pics of the wonderful library you have there. Someone needs to be congratulated for fantastic imagination and fun treatment.
    However, I was sad to see that the only two responses that are visible on this post are two people calling each other idiots, over the vexed question of distinguishing Kansas from Missouri. And before you ask, I do know that KC is in Missouri, although I'm a mere Brit. (I've been to your fair city and liked it a lot.)

  4. Michael J MacMahon, that kind of civility is the reason I'm moving to the UK (from Colorado, not Missouri). I'm also here because of Caitlin Moran.

  5. I wouldn't get your hopes up for too much civility Carrie, the UK has gone to the dogs!

  6. I too came just to look at the pics and am not really bothered where the library is located exactly .. Shame such a wonderful, innovative post has such dreadful comments. I'd love to see more buildings like this here in the UK too ... just really fantastic designwork .... well done!

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