Anti-Smoking Sign

10 Responses to "Anti-Smoking Sign"

  1. HUHHH?

  2. i don't get it

  3. i think it means that we are carefull not to be injured..but when it cames to others people safety..we'r not so carefull

  4. lol..not really

  5. WTF this is stupid

  6. It simply means that we only take farting as offensive to others while cigarette smoke can be equally annoying.

  7. It means that before you fart, you make sure that no one is around to see/hear/smell you do it.
    But when you smoke, you don't care for anyone's health and just smoke anyway.

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  9. i get it teeheee

  10. I'm pretty sure it means that if you are being followed, you can smoke AND fart at the same time to take the guy out and make a getaway.

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