iPod Toilet Accessories

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  1. Isn't Worth 1000 a FABULOUS site?? I love it there. I also love the concept of an iPod ready toilet paper dispenser!! I must have one of those. Seriously.

  2. wow...if you are serious...that's pretty sad. No offense

  3. so u sit on the toilet and listen to your favorite tunes
    i bet you wouldn't want to get off it!

  4. From what I've seen, the toilet paper dispenser is the real deal.
    It's called the iCarta.

  5. As a designer of iPod cases myself, I sometimes wonder if covering an iPod with diamonds represents any true degree of design creativity. In designing my cases, I tried to reinvent the Nano with a handstitched cases that features a spring-loaded precious metal belt clip.

  6. I only in the near past picked up the ipad tablet pc, havent dug through it to determine all the ins and outs but from what I can see its a fairly first rate little piece of technology.

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