Hussaini Hanging Bridge

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  1. Gotta love the old bridge next to it! lol

  2. Oh men.... 😀

  3. *goes into the fetal position* I hate heights...

  4. well to compromise with the situation

  5. The first Hussaini hanging bridge was built about 1970, and was probably very similar to the current bridge with widely spaced wooden planks. This simple design provides minimum resistance to wind and is relatively easy to maintain. A new bridge was constructed in 1986 by the Aga Khan Rural Support Program
    to provide easier access for animals from Hussaini to the pastures around the seasonal village of Zarabod. This bridge was built with closely spaced planks, but had a useful life of probably less than five years as the strong winds blowing down the valley constantly damaged the bridge – it is recorded that it was partially rebuilt twice before repairs were given up. The 1986 bridge is now hanging in tatters beside the earlier bridge still in use. On some photographs a series of distinct animal paths can be discerned sloping upwards from the end of the ‘new’ bridge.

    An excellent history of the Hussaini region by Ali Rehmat Musafer can be found on-line, and one of the photographs of the bridge on the site shows an almost complete ‘new’ bridge beside the old one. In 2010 extensive flooding is reported to have partially submerged the old bridge.

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