Hunting Season

Hunting With More Gun Than Needed

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  1. That's one really intimidating shot gun! Hahha.

  2. Well someone has size issues.

  3. Hi
    this is sidhu from India
    i have a doubt
    are you going to hunting dinosaurs
    u big guy that is really looking great gun.
    what u gonna do with that thing

  4. Getter done.

  5. what the hell is that thing man you could take on a hole army wif that thing
    thats one crazy gun you got there

  6. Can we say overcompensation issues?

  7. hey where can i get one?

  8. This is a Lahti L-39 anti-tank rifle, made in Finland during World War Two. It fires the 20mm X 138 Solothurn round, which unfortunately can no longer be imported into the USA. The weapon itself must be registered as a "destructive device" and anyone who expects to keep one shooting must save the empty brass cases and reload them - probably after having the primer pockets bushed to accept .50" Browning primers - with custom-made lathed-turned bullets.

  9. can i barrow that thing. i woud love to go hunting with that thing.

  10. that is a big gun

  11. what do you shoot with it

  12. @MichaelC.Scott... can it, smart guy >:P

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