Finger Models

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  1. The fingers are dry and wrinkly

  2. Damn... I would figure that they would choose a "younger" finger for models. Bill is right, they are all wrinkly.

  3. damn..are YOU perfect? i think not.

  4. I challange you (youngsters) to take a picture, a real picture, with a real micro lense and see what your finger looks like. FYI, the "finger" used was a 26 year old air nail salon artist!

  5. wat the..

  6. Its a macro lens, not micro lense. But then again join the digital world no one used macro lens these days when any other digial camera and editing software can do the same thing without heavy expensive lens .

  7. "...join the digital world no one used macro lens these days..."

    Uhhhhhh, wrong. Macros are alive and well.

  8. Um.... if no one else will mention it... "finger" paint models themselves are awsome!!!!! Whoever the artist, they did a great job!! It actually looks like a cartoon standing/laying next to their car.

    And about the fingers... meh, rly. The finger i think is supposed to match the person who is painted on them. A large thumb for the big guy, and so on. I like it!

  9. Agree with Nizati

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