Hot Air Balloon

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  2. every one loves a 'fat bottom girl' by Queen....... <3

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  4. Absolutely crazy! lol

  5. i think this is halerious there for i couldnt see what it was until i enlarged it and noticed it had a thong on haha

  6. I....I got nothing.

  7. wow.......... i like it, hot air balloons & a fat woman's big bottom.seeing that balloon i think of squishy plus size white women like monica lewinsky,fat monica geller (from friends),kelly clarkson,fat kirstie alley,melissa"emme "aronson,shannon hiett(plus size model),chef paula deen,plus size model courtney maxwell and other plus size white women models from just my size,lane bryant & fruit of the loom fit for me brands.i would love to ride in a hot air balloon with a single white plus size woman in a hot air balloon with one of the women listed, oh... ive almost forgoten another plus size former qvc host (squishy huggable plus sized) patti reilly,her plus size curvy times before weightloss.actress melissa McCarty another wonderful woman to think of with this picture& the entire cast of the dating show more to love from amanda slayton thru nataliya jackson.... in my mind thats a hot air balloon of love....

  8. While listening to Spinal Taps' "Big Bottom".....

  9. just a few moments later ...

  10. Hot Air Ballon,She is Bigbutt Brigitte!!!

  11. is this picture photoshopped are real?

  12. What is the difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Science?

  13. I am sure Men love this BIG ASS BALLOON! How about a LIMP DICK BALLOON? BIG ASSES work forever but a LIMP DICK is DOA...dead on arrival. Can't hold air....basically USELESS!

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