Healthy Sense of Humor

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  1. Its photoshoped, thats not a big deal, just saying. Sure is funny though, I posted it on my friends facebook who doesn't support public health care lol.

  2. What is even funnier is that thier premier came to the US to get his heart surgery LOL.

  3. Hi Pete,

    Unfortunately, with our health care system there is a wait. Everyone is able to get free health care but the system does take care of the more serious cases first and then who was waiting first. I am sure because of Williams' sense of entitlement and buckets of cash, he didn't think he should wait. But, If a Canadian has the money to go down south to get it done faster then I think that frees up the line for people who can't afford to do anything but wait their turn.

    But FYI, Williams is known for being a horse's @$$. He does what he wants to, supports what he wants to and he doesn't give a d@mn about anyone else. He isn't liked very much in the rest of Canada.

  4. Yeah - and you have the tax bill to go with it...

  5. Actually He went to the States because he would have had to be put on a waiting list for the needed surgery. If I had the $$ I would go there as well, Actually I'm certain any Canadian would. Danny does what he wants and says what he wants and he doesn't care about what the rest of Canada thinks of him, because the rest of Canada doesn't care about NL.

  6. Hey CB;

    What we spend on taxes, we make up in lower insurance costs.

  7. lol thats not photoshopped.. i was there

  8. .57 tax on the dollar isn't such a deal. lol

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