Prithvi Mudra

Evil Eye Hamsa Tattoo | Prithvi Mudra Hand Gesture

Inked by Xed Lehead

via 2EyesWideOpen

8 Responses to "Prithvi Mudra"

  1. does this look like the shocker to anyone else?

  2. yep its a shocker

  3. i really love this tattoo! its amazing!

  4. Holy crap that's a nice tattoo.

  5. I think this Tattoo is Amazing!! Wow, it's really nice and unique.

  6. Amazing lines on this tattoo.... really well done. I love it!

  7. SU-FI!

    It's a fancy shocker haha.

  8. This is the most beautiful tattoo I've ever seen!!! I want a hamsa... Very inspiring!

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