Global Roaming

Guido Daniele | AT&T International Roaming China

Guido Daniele | AT&T International Roaming India

Painted Hands by Guido Daniele

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9 Responses to "Global Roaming"

  1. aw this is cool

  2. whoa....

  3. at first i thought they were saying china works in over 200

  4. umm its just a pair of hands that are trying to get you to think about there phone this is retarded

  5. OK. First of all you have no room calling anyone or anyTHING retarded. You meant to say THEIR phone, and you probably should have made "this is retarded" it's own sentence...i think the paintings on the hands are beautiful, but then again i can appreciate the art of it...

  6. friggin trippy.
    love it


  7. Rachel - I agree with you.
    (But it is "its own sentence", not "it's own sentence".)

  8. owned

  9. Whoa! this is just great. The way you've depicted the Global Roaming Service via images. I would surely like to visit the blog in future to get some more cool stuff like this rergarding GRS.

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