Good & Evil

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  1. Hey there. Now this one is classic. lol

  2. Gold!

    We have a radio station here with a frequency and call sign 666. Its a public broadcaster, mostly talk radio. I always think it should change to heavy metal format, to fit with the call sign.

  3. metal is not evil.

  4. lol...
    wow, it's hungarian. I'm hungarian, too.

    Go(o)d... 🙂

  5. hahahhahhaahahahah. This is hilarious! I love it. I want a plate like that. 😛

  6. Omg, this is awesome!
    I want it, lol!!

  7. me too

  8. my license plate is 666 DRK
    funny , got it like that , my name is DiRK
    Is 666 my other name ?

  9. Ilyen is csak Magyarországon fordulhat elő 😀

  10. Hi, Love LOVE LOVE This plate!!!

  11. that sucks dick! i believe in god!
    lol 🙂

  12. hmm so maybe thats why ur in a daewoo

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