Huge Rhino Beetles

Huge Rhinoceros Beetle

Giant Rhinoceros Beetle

Found via DeadDog

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  1. Holy Hell! Look at the size of that thing!

  2. them are giant beettles i have ever seen

  3. Does not want!!!

  4. I don't see any-OH MY GOD KILL IT!!!

  5. Holy moly where does this beetle come from? Is it dangerous?

  6. La da da...

    Walks down the street.

    Sees a gigantic beetle.

    Turns the other way and runs.

  7. I've never even seen a SMALL one.


  9. Have you'll seen a beetles?

  10. omg! its like a pet! its pretty cute.

  11. In India they eat these. Actually quite tasty and an easy meal to catch as they really can't hurt you and they aren't too fast.

    When cleaning for cooking you remove the bottom half, puree the contents with some seasoning, clean the top half, flip over and put the contents back in and cook in the upper half of the shell using it as a bowl.

    Kind of a nutty / lobster / crab taste. Very good with a spicy curry and fried eggplant.

    Anyone want the whole recipe?

  12. Eww, they actually eat them?! But out of curiosity, give me the full recipe (I'm not gonna eat it just curious)

  13. There are many in my place, they live in coconut tress... make a hole in it... some company export them to japan... poor things, they're treated so bad on the way to japan...

  14. DO NOT WANT!!! well at the same time that DOES look like an awsome pet ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. Marketing strategy: Anti-girl device for your nine year old son.


  17. It's beautiful...Like a big BUS..........HA-HA-HA

  18. They are eaten in China, Japan & Some places in America.

  19. > They are eaten in ... & Some places in America.

    like in that TV show Fear Factor.

  20. what an awesome beetle. why is it that so many people kill anything they don't understand? My g/f in the Philippines used to kill caterpilars until I told her they were a stage in a butterfly or moths life

  21. I think im going to need a bigger shoe.

  22. OMG i found one of those in my garage a few years agoo in Honduras!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    are they rare? =S cuz my grandmother made me take it outside and i never saw it again haha

  23. I would die of a heart attack


  25. You need a mega hammer

  26. aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

  27. yummy!!

  28. Wouldn't want to squash that thing XD

  29. Ohhh.. I greatly dislike bugs but THAT is adorable. I want one.

  30. whoa its huge its like taller than the trees

  31. Ye, its really big, biggest that I've seen yet.

  32. There's no denying the size of that thing, really big.

  33. its huge


  35. ITS! FAT! AND STRONG! BUT it is an AWSOME! PET! AND Gigantic.

  36. Whoah so big!

  37. OMG. Ale bydle ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. man that is absolutely huge...

  39. Yeah its pretty big.

  40. no it's huge

  41. someone wanted a OMG KILL IT!!!
    well here you have it!!

    KILL IT!!!! IT's disgusting...

    *shivers down my spine*

  42. its huuuge!

  43. That is the grossest looking thing ever....Could you imagine finding that in your bed or even worse crawling on you while you sleep! [shudders]

  44. It's so big, that it doesn't look like a bug anymore...

  45. Forget a glass and some paper, you'd need a fish tank and a sheet of steel to catch that thing =O

  46. As I was saying, Richard, I was trying to get that promotion and Jessica said that a good way to look good in fron OH MY GOD! KILL IT! KILL IT NOW! CUT OFF MY ARM!!!!!!!!!


  48. Lobsters are bigger, surely.
    We just don't like to call them bugs so that we can happily continue to eat them.

  49. Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure!

  50. nice... can this insect fly? I would like to see 100 in one moment on the sky.... ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Dude, thats a killer shield.

  52. Hm. Kinda thought the title was a lead-in to poke fun at Windows.
    But this is cool too.

  53. I want me one of those.

  54. Cool, a pet you can paint the back of ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. that looks so badass. imagine walking into someones house and seeing that

  56. Did u know that this is the strongest animal/bug in the world it can carry over 800 times more than its own body weight !

  57. Volkswagen Real-Beetle

  58. I'd want to see one of those in real life ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Oooo, I want the recipe! I know I'll want to eat more than just one...... lol.

  60. AHH KILL EET KILL EET *gets giant hammer* AHHH o crap thats big ๐Ÿ˜

  61. OMG! That's huge... Everyone is talking about giant hammers but they're all forgetting the mess that thing would make... there would be bug juice everywhere.... erghhhh!

  62. I would paint it pretty colors like it was a real car, and have a leash around it's neck!!

  63. kill it with fire!

  64. Hmm, I don't feel anything crawling on my ba- HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SMASH IT!

    if you don't know what blue gender is, google it, it is an anime about a world where giant bugs, some looking like big blue beetles, have to be fought by giant robots because they have already wiped out most of the human, where did i leave my assault rifle.....

  66. Alot of these beetles dont even get that big that guy is a champ and i seen small cousins theyre called Rhino beetles in the Eastern Bloc a shit load lived in a woodchip pile by my grandpas shed

  67. cute little bugger

  68. I have never known anyone to eat Rhino Beetles in India. I believe that Locusts are eaten (sometimes) in parts of India but the eating of Rhino Beetles sounds more like 'Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom' than fact.

    Infact, most Indians are vegetarians.

  69. You're in bed with the sound of silence.
    "Buzz Buzz Buzz," a sound goes.
    You think its your imaganatoin.
    You close your eyes, You open them.
    There on your face is the beetle. ๐Ÿ˜› lol

  70. Beetres.... they're worth flipping your car over

  71. Pack your things, honey, its the beetles house now

  72. If anyone knows how to order a live specimen of this species please let me know. Thank you very much.

  73. How the heck big is that thing. It looks ginormous.

  74. This is called Megasoma Elephas and they are from Central America. They do fly. They are utterly harmless to humans, but you wouldn't want to try to pry one off your arm. The hooks they have for feet will take your skin off with it. Best to let it just walk off of you on it's own.
    Imagine riding a motorcycle down a jungle road at 50 mph and having one of these hit you in the chest!
    As for eating them, well.. have fun. I don't know anything about that. Can't say thats one of the things I thought of when I first met one of these.
    The one pictured is a large male. The female is smaller and doesn't have a horn. The horn doesn't actually do anything, probably just to scare off predators.

  75. that picture was taken in tortugero, costa rica. just read the girls shirt, its a remote village on the north carribean side of the country, nice place for hangover but less hookers than in the capital....

  76. umm.. you got something on your shoulder

  77. it's like the w3 crypt lord hero ^_^

  78. Can you teach it tricks?

  79. We also have these here in Australia, only they're black. They are really cool. Only the males have the 'horns'. They cant hurt you, but they do make a hissing noise which scares most people. Its quite fun to watch little kids trying to catch them... ROFL!!!

  80. If I saw that thing in my house, I would burn my house to the ground.

  81. Ok, after reading all the responses thus far i have come to this conclusion for myself.... I want one! It would be freakin awesome to walk into work with that thing just sitting on my shoulder. Haha i can just see my supervisor freak out over it (he's TERRIFIED of anything bigger than a pinky nail). So please for all that is good and right in the world respond to this posting on how i would go about getting one of these.

    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜›

  82. Can you teach it tricks? ... sit, roll over, go bite?

  83. @ stormbilly : that hero's called ner'ub ^^. and damn i want one cool insect.

  84. We have similar beetles in Australia (as said by someone else) but they're much smaller. I always called them Elephant Beetles (which is what these are), but some searching shows them to be Xylotrupes ulysses, or the Common Rhinoceros Beetle.

    The horn doesn't do much in these species (and it's not sharp) but the males use them when they fight for mates, pushing each other around with them.

    The only real threat is its claws. If threatened or pulled it will grip on. Not to hurt you, but that's what happens. They're surprisingly strong, and needle sharp. Your only choice is to let them crawl off yourself.

    Oh... and seriously, why kill them? They're just a big awesome animal.

  85. why would you want to kill one? i would be fascinated if i see one. i bet there are bigger ones then these somewhere on this world,

  86. i picked up one as big on a dirt town road on the carribean coast in costa rica once. some tourist ladies from other side of the street came screaming running over to take a picture of my hand holding it.

  87. p.s. i picked it up by grabbing the middle sides of the thing like you can hold a crab. he coud not reach my fingers to retaliate legs moving all about.....

  88. These creatures are truly amazing...
    And totally harmless. Sort of a gentle giant of the insect world.

  89. Stupid people will kill anything they fear or don't understand. Kill kill kill!!! Sad

  90. I just turned in a report on these they are called Elephant Beetles. They are 5 inches long and weigh 35 grams (average) and can lift 850 times their own body weight.

  91. Its the same as eating a lobster. But this thing doesnt swim in the ocean and doesnt have mercury.

    If you think about it, a shrip is like the cockroach of the ocean. and a crab is like a giant spider. but people love to eat them ๐Ÿ˜€

  92. Its totally wrong.
    In India beetles are not eaten.
    Its common in China, Thailand, Phils & Some parts of America

  93. Just imagine... those things can fly...

  94. OMG! I don't know whether or not I would want it as a pet, but I would definitely want to hold it and play with it! I find it really sad how people want to kill it just because they don't know about it. They are supposed to be gentle so you might as well let it be...


  96. why is it so big?!

  97. Imagine having a fight with that thing.

  98. OMG DON'T EAT THEM! THEY'RE THE CUTEST THING EVER. Look at it's little facceeeee. I really want one.... it's a shame i come from England :/ They come close to being cuter than bearded dragons. I bet they'd make great pets <3

  99. It's a rhino? no its a Rhibeetle a Genetically Engineered species

  100. I know these comments are old... but

    > They are eaten in China, Japan & Some places in America.
    What is your nationality.
    Iโ€™m not sure about China, and "some places in America" but we Japanese people never eat Megasoma beetle. They are pets for us.

    > some company export them to japan... poor
    > they're treated so bad on the way to japan...
    Person who adapt this kind animals or bugs never treat them bad. Because they are collector!
    They treat them like a king.

  101. i found one of these when i was in Tennessee! it was sooo cool!

  102. thats really huge, even my two aggressive scorpions are no match!

  103. holy shit!!!! whats that thing its not a bug its a monster... just throw it on the ground and kill that freakin thing... and how people eat this in japan thats crazzzzyyyy!!!! :-*

  104. thats what she said

  105. quick, hand me a big massive shoe!

  106. if they use deck that could be better tan for them

  107. Damm big worm. Good we don't have this in Poland ๐Ÿ˜›

  108. fajne, da siฤ™ kupiฤ‡?

  109. awesome shoulder pads ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. That thing was on my face this morning!!(:
    i kissed it!:P you can buy them at dollar general!

  111. hi i'v got a little rhino beetle in my collection of bugs i got at home they're from asia it's a nice beetle to have

  112. That thing is awesome. Why would you want to kill it?

  113. bettles have to suck blood to grow and live... hey mate one day that big bettle will bite the crap from you when you sleep. so my advice is kill it or let it bite a big animal like a cow (only if the cow is sleeping or the cow will just scream like a little girl).

  114. that bug is huge =3

  115. huge huge huge! =(E

  116. =(

  117. it's really huge..

  118. sooooooooooooo beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuul


  120. Its soo cool, my bro had one but it was tiny and it died 3 days after we bought it... ๐Ÿ™

  121. What makes this amazing, is that bugs respire through gaos in the exoskeleton (shell). So they have to be small, so surface area is larger than mass. Thats why you dont see them as big as in the movies.

    But this, could take on goszilla.

  122. Awesome, I had no idea those grew to be that big. I'd be scared to have that on me!!!

  123. Outstanding!! Love it. Want one.

  124. that's what she said to all of those things... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  125. I would cry so hard if I saw one

  126. can I buy it

  127. This reminds me of The Bondage Fairies ๐Ÿ˜‰

  128. [...] [...]

  129. Could you imagine feeling something like this crawling up your pants leg???????????? my pants would fly off in a nanosecond and I'd be dancing & screaming like crazy!!!

  130. woooo..... Remind me to Starship Trooper the movie...

  131. what's it on in the second photo, is that palm heart? ๐Ÿ™‚ beautiful beetle!

  132. That looks like a Central American species to me. I have a live pair at home in Belize now. My male broke his horn when he hit the street light.
    The larvae eat decaying wood from dead tropical hardwoods. The aldults only live a month or so and only eat fallen fruit or sugar cane as in the picture. I think they like mushed bananas better.

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