Two-Way Stop

Gibraltar Airport Runway Intersection

Series of pics at Hoax-Slayer

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  1. is this real or fake?

  2. It's real.

  3. imagine getting run over by a boeing..

  4. it's real flew into that airport for my stag doo in 2005. the petrol station bottom left corner is where the English Elite Forces, the SAS, executed three(?) IRA suspects in 1988

  5. Thats quality imagine a raging car driver never wanted to stop :-L

  6. This is real; it's at Gibraltar. The highway in and out from Spain crosses an airport runway. Wikimapia has a good satellite view that shows the area.

  7. That'd be a redlight I would hate to accidentally run.

  8. It is amazing run way

    a multi purpose run way

  9. That is not a petrol station. Its border control. The petrol station was the Shell 500 yards down the road where the SAS butchered 3 innocent Irish citizens.

  10. what is the Spanish word for tunnel? This makes no sense logistically.

  11. Been there; seen that.
    Yup. They stop the traffic on either side of the road (with spiked chain - in case a bozo runs the red light and crashes into the plane.... lol). The spikes will flatten the tire if a careless driver runs through.

    It is real alright.......

  12. Pity you dont see the whole thing. The runway has the sea at both ends.
    Quite a place to land...Its real!

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