Gangster Cake

Gangster Tiered Wedding Cake

14 Responses to "Gangster Cake"

  1. gannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

  2. i 'am a very dangerous gangster

  3. this cake was David Malki's wedding cake. I read his comic strip ( and saw this while poking around his website. ha ha

  4. Wow....Thatz a Great Job Damm I Need To Get That In my Wedding's

  5. thats cake looks kwl

  6. really nice, is a work with all dedication.. i like..

  7. sooooo good, man

  8. One reason not to get married to a Gangster! lmao

  9. I want this cake for my wedding but I cant find the little guys and the plane.... any ideas on where to get the peices for this cake?

  10. Haha, what a cute idea for a wedding cake...but what do you tell the bride's parents that the husband does for a living? Makes me think of the movie Analyze This! haha

  11. cool pics

  12. @nervous bride: the plane is made out of frosting, the little guys you can get at kids toy stores or online (they're just like the little army guys)

  13. I want this cake for my sister's wedding. Where can I find the accessories?

  14. Would love to have this cake for my son's graduation party which is Gangster Theme. Where can I find this accessory kit?

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