Family Photo

Funny Family Photo

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  1. Ahh, seen this one before.
    Freaks me out. XD

  2. Omg! It took me a while there! I was like, is someone faces supposed to be funny? Lol, then I looked under mom's rear end! LMFAO!!!

  3. I thought that was her foot at first rofl

  4. I've seen this before, but it's seriously just as confusing as the first time. I just don't...I mean, what? One person sitting on my chest impedes my breathing after a little bit, and the family is so calm, they aren't even laughing! Don't get it.

  5. ..........BUUAAAHHAHAHAAHAH....HA

  6. Dear ey, I think its a prank picture because youd know if you were sitting on someone. Im guessing the idiot at the bottom is the families naughty oldest kid or something.

  7. @ ev

    ever heard of photoshop?

  8. Looks like the stupid family.

  9. OMG, just saw the hidden face under the mom!

  10. thats really scary.. I need a hug lol

  11. thats freaky....maybe she hates that kid

  12. youre all idiots. dont be idiots

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