Leaps of Faith

Foxhound Dogs Jumping Barb-Wire Fence

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  1. I guess the 'grass is always greener'.

  2. I believe I can fly!

  3. That is how dogs stomachs get split open!! It is highly irresponsible to let dogs jump over a fence like that, just ask any vet!

  4. This is so cruel! Imagine how many dogs have been torn apart and suffered in agony while the stupid cameraman watched on.

  5. onoes!

  6. No.2 got in trouble

  7. dogs are tough, gardnening and sanding are two very fun things to do in ur spare time! dogs are cute when jumping over things, chicken and dumplings are good to eat for lunch when its cold out. i am going to bathe a foxhound soon, they are cute and jump high enough to not get cut on the fence, halloween is saturday, hippies and hobos... boo-hag!!

  8. I love this picture! ๐Ÿ˜€ I have it as my backround now! I wish I could jump that high!!

  9. The question is, what are they chasing after?

    Some crazy air by a few of them.

  10. Its amazing how stupid some people are nobody's behind the dogs forcing them to jump that fence. They're chasing something and jumped on their accord so wtf are the animal cruelty people bitching about? I love dogs and im sure their owner does too seeing as they appear to be quite healthy so stfu thats why people who love animals are often discredited because idiots freak out over something as innocent as this.

  11. They should be playing basketball!!

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