Nike Knock-offs

Knock off Nike Shoes

Knock off Nike Shoes

Knock off Nike Shoes

11 Responses to "Nike Knock-offs"

  1. The bottom pair I don't like they looked used! Plus the flesh tone soles are a real turn off.

  2. Haha..a good one! Free nike stamp on the soles of the feet!

  3. that is perfect. love your blog

  4. how much do ya want for them shoes bluud ?

  5. how much did ya buy em for bet u have stinky feet

  6. Knock offs??? It's not like the originals are a quality product anyway! That is why you should always wear socks! Or buy some decent shoes!

  7. really dude wear socks and wash your feet

  8. nike is telling you your feet are better than shoes =]

  9. LOL

  10. Funny thing. I bought my Nike Lunarfly 3's at the official Nike store and they did the same thing. Are you sure they're knock offs? The soles are pretty shitty anyways.

  11. To Threio: those aren't shoes dipwad. they're his feet after wearing the actual shoes in the top photo

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