Book of Faith

Everything You Need To Know About Religion

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Everything You Need To Know About Religion

Book by Michael Xuereb

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  1. So true ... the good things about religion are rooted deep within our hearts and don't need a name, face or ritual.

  2. That's kind of cool. Maybe you are supposed to fill it out yourself.

  3. I'd say pretty much tells about atheism. I'd also agree with Cody.

  4. Wow, did you totally miss the point or what? There is nothing you need to know about religion. It is meaningless.

  5. I agree with Cody, I think there's a lot we should learn about the major religions of the world. For example the ying and yang is the heart of chinese philosophies, representing how seemingly polar objects or ideas are actually interconnected. Up only exists because of down, birth could only exist with death, sunrises are the means of sunsets (also representing the inhale and exhale). it's a profound concept.

    Buddhism is also a great religion to study, quite far from meaningless if you've actually read into it. It's disappointing that many atheists flaunt how close minded other thinkers are when they themselves are close-minded towards other beliefs.

  6. Not only the image is wrong, as are your comments. There's a lot to know about religion. Religion itself it's like an image of human behaviour and human fears and some of them have interesting stories.
    And good things about religion? That should be the name of that "book".

  7. Best book EVER!

  8. Where can I get a copy?!

  9. Lol ... religion is really serious stuff!!

  10. Never thought I'd see the day when atheism finally reached the anti-intellectualism that it has with this joke. Funny, though, that there is probably less TO know about atheism these days than is contained in that book. Folks like this "author" no longer give any effort to their search for truth. They don't even attempt to understand what religion is or what it does for people, or even to evaluate their own assumptions. They follow Dawkins and Hitchens just as blindly as Catholics follow the Pope. Smug, they sit atop their atheist anthill while intellectually honest people attempt to climb the vast mountains that are the traditions of the world religions. Have fun down there.

  11. The difference between those that blindly follow religion, and those that blindly follow atheism is immense. Those who blindly follow religion have no idea what or why they do. More often than not they have simply "gone with the flow" and adopted Christianity without any actual knowledge of what it is, based solely on the cryptic and terrifyingly unfair belief that if they do not believe in God and Jesus, they will be punished, regardless of how good of a person they are. Contemporary Christians almost always have no idea about the origin of their religion. Have you ever even read up on any of the era-common pagan savior religions? They're all, Christianity included, remarkably similar. Furthermore, research into the founders of Christianity indicates no knowledge of a human Jesus Christ. Further still, the immutability of Christianity's tenets is no strength. It prevents the "word of God" from maintaining relevance to our society by clutching desperately to laws that no longer, nor ever actually did, make sense. The book of Leviticus runs rampant with "Because of this unbelievably silly rule, you should KILL everyone that breaks it, regardless of whatever good they may otherwise do." Hello? Does that sound even remotely reasonable? Kill those that play with the skin of a pig? Goodbye football. Kill all those who work on the sabbath. That's a lot of people, and even some Christian Gift store workers! Can we say that neither of those rules makes a whole lot of sense, nor really sounds terribly compassionate for a religion that claims to be based on love? In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, sex with angels is bad, but offering your underage, virgin daughters to be gang-raped in their place? Totally cool. PLEASE tell me that at least ONE of you will actually stop and take the time to research what you believe in...? Otherwise you may never be able to join the ranks of us that blindly follow atheism, which isn't based on "traditions" or "beliefs" such as these, but is instead based on logic, and reason, and morality for morality's sake, not for fear of some hypocritical God-figure's punishment.

  12. Indeed, I have done quite a bit of research into the early CE pagan religions, and indeed, they are very similar to Christianity. There is actually a bit of evidence referring to an actual teacher named Yeshua from around the time of Christ, and Christ is mentioned briefly in Tacitus, though, to be sure, Christianity is largely based on Paul's efforts. I'm not suggesting that everyone become a Christian, and I'd agree that many of the laws of the Old Testament are brutal and unnecessary, though often, if not always, they served a purpose at their time, (and in terms of the New Testament, I tend to agree with many of Christ's teachings as I think most human beings would, at least as far as the moral principles are concerned). Adherents of the Old Testament religions have some serious evaluation to do as to whether or not their beliefs accurately reflect the way the world ought to be (though, to be fair, it's Christianity that "claims to be based on love" and not Judaism). Additionally, there are quite a few other non-Abrahamic religions: Buddhism (multiple kinds), Taoism, Paganism, Shinto, Jainism, Hinduism, Humanism, Unitarianism, and so on. Western popular religion, like all things Western and popular, should not be viewed as the only model for religion, and their adherents shouldn't be taken as representative of all religions. Just because some yahoos in the Christian world can't treat others with respect doesn't mean all Christians blindly follow tradition.
    I agree that many religious people follow their religious blindly; but that doesn't mean that there can't be conscious adherence to religion. You're throwing a 6,000 year old baby out with 1000 year old bathwater.

    As far as the claims of violence are concerned, science in the hands of human beings is responsible for just as much if not more violence as religion in the hands of human beings. What invented the atomic bomb? What provided humans with the ability to make tanks and missiles? It is not the structure itself, but the way it is used or understood by people that creates these results. Blind atheism is just as faulty as blind religion. Where was morality for morality's sake when the atheist Maoist and Stalinist governments killed thousands of people merely for opposing their regime? Where was morality for morality's sake when the atheist Nazis were committing genocide? Logic didn't save those poor people; it led them to the executioner's block.

    Religions *can* be useful in providing a method for human beings to come to a sense of peace in their lives. It *can* provide a way for people to achieve a reverence for the universe, a way to live in harmony with their world. What the maker of the joke book above doesn't realize is that all religion (whether it claims to be divinely inspired or not) is generated by human experience. The principles contained within religious texts are often useful (though in some cases, the principles can be outdated). Tradition allows people to connect to their own history and recognize their unique place in time. What the joke-maker doesn't realize is that religion, where belief is tempered with healthy doubt and practice and taken with a grain of the salt of modernity, can be incredibly useful, enriching, and in some cases it can even be the primary inspiration for great leaders, teachers, artists, and philanthropists. There is much to be learned from the world's religions - much more than the empty shell that is atheism. It teaches nothing. It merely says: "there is no god." If it said anything else, it would be a religion too. Perhaps it already is. Talk about blind acceptance. Come back when you've read the Vedas, the Gnostic scriptures, the Buddha's sermons, the esoteric traditions, and tell me you've learned nothing; I'll tell you that you need to learn how to read.

  13. Man! I had an idea for publishing a 'zen' book like this...only many more pages...

  14. Chill out, it's a joke. Jeeze.

  15. Yeah, people can choose their own religion, athism one of them, but this was made and posted as a joke. Having a debate as to whether God exists or not has nothing to do with this.

  16. It's a joke that makes atheists look ignorant, that's all I'm saying. Got a little too excited there.

    (it was not a debate as to whether god exists, btw)

  17. The Star of David and Islam are mismatched in the picture/title. Fail.

  18. First of all I'd like to thank the guys at 'Found Shit' for posting my book.

    @E.Taylor - Thanks! I'm glad you think this is the best book EVER! lol

    @Garry - if you want to buy a copy check out this link:

    @Robyn - You said it best dude!

    @Allo - you are so right!

    @M.P. - you write too much.

    Above all... I'm glad that my book created this discussion.

  19. lol I think the concept is cool but the mismatch is kind of weird.

  20. M.P. you are an idiot flat out. Act all intelligent, and write these HUGE dialogues.
    If we dropped Nukes all over the planet TODAY and killed EVERYONE on earth... making science and technology responsible for 6 BILLION deaths... it still wouldn't equal the amount of deaths that have resulted and been caused by religion. Since day 1 men having been killing and raping in the name of a god. Every squirmish EVER, whether it be stone age, bronze age, iron age, or medieval to now, the troops were pushed on and inspired by a religious goal.... Afterlife, virgins, heaven, etc.

    Get a clue.

  21. Just because you can learn things from some religions doesn't mean they should be followed. Philosophy is a far better means of enlightening oneself, and requires no commitment to ridiculous and often unethical rules, beliefs, and practices.

    Atheists aren't closed-minded idiots just because we reject religion. On the contrary; we have often done a lot of research into religion and made an educated decision that it wasn't for us. And while religions can incorporate good lessons into their teachings, it's usually nothing you can't learn from a different source---again, philosophy---or simply from life experience.

    And as others said, it's just a joke. Jokes don't always have to be entirely true to be funny. Calm down.

  22. Robert - We've only had nuclear weaponry for 65 years. these things take time. Approximately 40 times the number of people who died in the Crusades died in WWII. In 6 years, not 200. That's not even including those that died under Stalin or in the lead-up to the war. Furthermore, most wars are fought over economic interests like money, resources, or territory, and if you haven't figured that out yet, take your own advice and get a clue. Troll.

    Naomi - I acknowledged that I got a bit carried away. What I said was not that atheists are closed-minded idiots, but that this joke reflects poorly on atheism. I suspect that many atheists are indeed close-minded [idiots], but this is not to say that there aren't plenty of intellectually honest atheists too.

    I don't know that philosophy has really figured out, for example, ethics, to the degree that we can really use their help, though. And religion is more than that - it codifies not just ethics and metaphysics, but also culture and history (among other things).

    It's a joke that isn't funny. It's barely even clever.

  23. Why is it that religion is always off limits?

  24. If you look at religion as an exercise in interesting philosophy, then this joke fails because a lot of great humanistic teaching comes from many major religions. You could probably get the same teachings from Plato or Aristotle, but my point is if you leave behind the supernatural shit and the zealous, blind commitment to wasteful rituals, religion CAN provide some small measure of enlightenment and comfort to the weak minded.

  25. M.P., your assessment of Atheists shows that you are personally very biased against them. You are less open to their views than Atheists are of religion. Take it from someone who had embraced religion in his youth, all Atheists have put much more time and thought into their decision NOT to believe than you put into your decision TO believe.

    Just because we choose to not fall for religion's supernatural mumbo-jumbo doesn't make us idiots. Your obedience to an invisible santa claus, however, does leave room to question your sanity.

  26. See, this is an issue, Rick. If you read what I've written, I'm not condemning the atheists (of whom I know many and count them amongst my friends) who have genuinely investigated religion. In fact, for some time I myself was an agnostic, and I remain unable to find an established religion that suits my purposes. I understand that many atheists are quite informed about the tenets of most religions. What I do find startling and ridiculous are the sort of atheists who believe that religion is utterly useless, or that religion has nothing to teach. I don't believe in "an invisible santa claus" or more importantly, a "personal god" or an anthropomorphic being in the sky. I do, however, believe in a pantheistic conception of our universe, which is to say that I believe in a god, though it may not be the same god as Christians believe in. If you would read my posts, you'd see that I haven't made any commitments to the religions I'm defending, but rather I've tried to show that atheism and science are just as culpable as religion in the foibles of world history.

    Religion is not merely for the weak minded, and "supernatural mumbo-jumbo" is not as simple as it seems. Religion accesses a set of mytho-historic archetypes that few, if any systems can access. This is why it's so powerful to some and so abhorrent to others. What some see as helpful, others see as manipulative. In my opinion, many Western religions have stepped beyond their bounds and now are a kind of machine to manipulate people rather than a way to personal happiness and harmony with the world. But that's not to say that religions have always been that way (they haven't) and that's not to say that good religions help people in profound and serious ways, even in the case of those who are beyond "weak-minded"-ness. I wonder, though, if ignorance will prevent certain persons from achieving that kind of harmony. And further, I worry that jokes like this one create an unintellectual environment in which atheism is no longer a decision informed by extensive research but a decision handed down by a kind of blind faith in an intellectually chauvinistic "scientific" worldview.

    I shouldn't have called some atheists "[idiots]" though indeed some of them are (it seems many of them are incapable of basic reading comprehension). I know many well-informed atheists and I respect them and their views (and I'm not even sure that we believe in different things). But what is ridiculous and intolerable (and I think most atheists with any sense would agree with me) is that atheism is slowly becoming an anti-intellectual stance. Jokes like this aren't helping, and they aren't even funny.

  27. Good one !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. you can always depend on start an argument everyone thinks they know more then the other..makes me sick.

  29. fricken hell now thats just plain wear well thts no reading in your hands to finish you have already finished haha

  30. M.P, from what I can tell, you are a very intelligent and open minded person, but you may as well be preaching to a flock of sheep, why waste your time explaining things to people who can't even speak their own language properly like the person above me (Shannon), you may have to accept that the world is slowly becoming more and more ignorant each year, it's sad, but true.

    People are so wrapped up in what the media tells them, they only have a generic view on things, they are like zombies. The controversy is so intense and this isn't even a discussion board on religion, it's just a site full of "humorous", though I am an Atheist/Agnostic myself, I agree entirely with what you're saying.

  31. Grr

  32. Dear sir,
    the sign you are put on the cover of the book and write under Islamic religion its not true , that sign you are put is the Israel flag sign
    you should but the Holy Quran

    please change that as you mast do the right thing as well you know

    thank you

  33. Butthurt religous people incoming...

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