Two Ways

Road Sign Error

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  1. Ok, i feel confused.

  2. its funny but i think it can be possible, see, that's a standard traffic sign in a country where u drive on the left side of the road. basically the sign says that vehicles from opposite direction have priority and not you (often seen in cases like this: downhill). what really makes no sense is that the sign is useless as long as the 2 ways are separated by that concrete wall, so one can go up while other goes down without having to share the road. just gets ppl confused.

  3. its a European sign, god go to Europe you will see like that one everywhere..

  4. What if I drive backwards in the wrong direction, then it would be wrong both accourding to the sign and the road. ๐Ÿ˜›
    I would be breaking 2 laws or more at the same time.

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