Dubai Construction Leak

Dubai Construction Project

Dubai Construction Leak

Dubai Construction Accident

Flooded Dubai Construction Crane

30 Responses to "Dubai Construction Leak"

  1. is that real?? if it is (was) that would really suck

  2. it was real

  3. HAHA

  4. FAIL!!

  5. This is a old story from 2007.
    This happens to construction sites worldwide...for some reason people like to see developing markets like Dubai fail; but they complain when developed market projects do

  6. No, people like to see big, ridiculous playgrounds for the rich fail.

  7. i know this picture from a long time ago, but it makes me say "uau" every time.

  8. That's not Dubai, that's Boston. Dubai Fail FAIL.

  9. Right, Boston with palm trees.

  10. hahaha 'Wrong'

  11. Yepp, that's a niiiice pooool there guys! Anyone wanna jump of the crane? Maybe do some deep water exploring and move the crane? Maybe put some sharks in there and not feed em for Oh let's say 3 weeks or so for the heck of it.

  12. Did the crane operators get out?

  13. علم الانسان مالم يعلم

  14. "wrong" fails at trying to post a failing fail about a fail when it's clearly marked Dubai if you searched you moron it was all over the news as well.

  15. Dude, that's Dubai

  16. Good job.

  17. Wow, so Much Fail here......

  18. People stop being jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  19. What does that arabic guy saying? duh!!

  20. Well the arabic guy is saying, teach people what they dont know and so I will..

    The first picture and the last two are not linked .. the first picture was definitely a leak, but the last two was intentional in order to fill the area. They're not from the same time period.

  21. it was a FAIL because the crane is in the last picture with the water inside the excavation... can u see it sticking out of the water? lol : )

  22. the last two are digitally morphed pictures , i can say that being a graphic designer ....and no i am no fan of DUBAI or the bloody Shakes

  23. wonder who got beheaded for tht mistake.. 😛

  24. Thats why the gas prices are so high so they can build citys in deserts? with our money, deserved fail, suckers.

  25. Dumb Arabs cant do anything right...except terrorism.

  26. Maybe they wanted a lake instead. Lets go fishing!

  27. Please come to my country.

  28. Really awesome pictures from Dubai's construction site. I think this leak has devastated the whole project and machinery on site, but i hope that the workers have moved to a safe place. Thanks for sharing this.

  29. it appears to be a failure in the coffer dam constructed to allow the deep excavation to take place but between the first picture and the failure you will notice a long length of time has elapsed, the construction trailers were moved which would take at least 2 days. It looks like they had time to move everybody out of danger but it takes about 3 days to dismantle the crane shown.

  30. Is there anyone alive ?

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