Kicked Back Collie

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  1. Correction: it's a Shetland Sheepdog, aka Sheltie, not a Collie.

  2. A Shetland Sheepdog is a Collie, they are also known as Shetland Collies. The above could easily be a Rough Collie (like from the film Lassie) you would need a good look to tell.

    Either way it's still a Collie !

  3. This is a Sheltie which actually has no more genetic relation to a Collie than a German Sheppard does.

  4. Close friends with a woman who owns 2 Shelties and is involved with a Sheltie rescue society. Richard is correct, they ARE Collies. I know this because the misconception that they are not is one of the top gripes of the people who are involved in the rescue society.

  5. Actually it's a man dog

  6. I breed both collies and Shelties and they are two distinct breeds. Genetics are different, temperament, personality and even the colors they come in are different. Shelties are NOT small collies.

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