Twin Tears

Crying Baby Twins

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16 Responses to "Twin Tears"

  1. wowwww amazing

  2. awful

  3. i think its good the way there are two angles of the same baby but 1 put on the doll must have been an awful christmas preasant!

  4. wow this is kinda weerd. how'd ya do that?

  5. hahaha brilliant, really love it!

  6. Crybaby!

  7. what the hell

  8. It really funny cute picture. I love it. please bring some more... ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. we totally love it we are twins farha and faariah s0000 c000l we LOVE it......... i mean we totally LOVE it hahaha

  10. this can't be happening

  11. the doll resembles the kid. is it possible?

  12. i feel sory 4 the babys how can u do that 2 the babys
    wait wait when i chat ur mama i am going 2 tell her and we r all going to slap ur back side just whacht us

  13. that is too funny

  14. this is so horrible how can u say u like it horrible people GOD ๐Ÿ™

  15. hahahahaha it is good tell me how do you did it?

  16. and funny

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