Canine Headgear

Crocheted Dog Hat

Crochet Bonnet by Beantown Handmade

Found via 11 Seconds

11 Responses to "Canine Headgear"

  1. That dog is entitled to at least one judicious bite of his owner's genitalia for subjecting him to that.

  2. heh reminds me of my grandma she always makes little outfits for her dog Oh! and Kala K. Larsson, I saw ur video on youtube it's soooo freakin hilarious! i watched it millions of times!! i love it!!

  3. love this dag

  4. love this dog more than leah!!! haha

  5. This is so freakin' funny. He looks like he is posing for an old-world painting.

    That poor, poor doggy. Awesome funny though!

  6. This dog is so cool. I love the 18th Century look about the photo. It would be hanging in some old home's hallway along with all the other relatives. If the home was owned by dogs that is.

  7. so it.

  8. I want the pattern... is it available?

  9. I don't think they make the patterns available but you can check out their shop through the link below the picture.

    They do have several other bonnets in various styles.

  10. I love this hat and this dog! I have a boston as well, and I know they feel special in these types of things

  11. Is it possible to have the crochet pattern for this green hat that the boston is wearing?

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