Connect The Dots

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  1. LOL. I wonder whether that's the only connect-the-dots that she has.

    Is that a permanent tattoo? I certainly hope not. I don't think the dots will join up to be a giraffe after a couple of decades. Oh well...

  2. wow! i hope its fake too!

  3. What a great idea. Probably a great ice breaker with kids and adults. wonder if she walks around with a red marker?

  4. Thats cute,
    But shes not.

  5. That's rude. I think it's unique, show's a sense of humor....I had a similar idea for a tat, but it was more a paint by number.....I think it's awesome!

  6. I think its awesome! and she IS cute....quit hatin!

  7. She is awesome! I love her tat and she is one foxy lady! I want to get a giraffe tattoo as well. Not connect the dot, but that is a very kewl idea!

  8. awwwww i wood have gotten a hedgehog or a dino...... cute XD

  9. Is probably the best tattoo I've ever seen.
    Love it.

  10. that is fuggley as hell i hate to say it but you just ruined your leg and by the way you are ugly but your legs are cute

  11. what a douch thats not nice to say. she is very cute and has sexy legs. i think it a bad ass tattoo idea

  12. I love it! It is very cute and unique.

  13. hotty.

  14. This is a wiked as tattoo.
    Very different 🙂

  15. Haha why hate, your opinion doesnt matter, she got the tattoo. no comment you say will take it off or change her mind.

  16. it should be 8/10 and 11/18

  17. You guys are so mean. Give the girl a break. It's a unique tattoo and you guys are all jealous.

  18. i agree with Lysette. You guys are all messed up.

  19. Yeah! i agree with Lysette and Erika! messed uuuuuuupppp! and she is not ugly she's iighhtt. The tattoo is kinda dumb though. just kidddinngg it's unique 🙂

  20. i agree with these girls! especially with Itzel (hehe) but i gotta agree with the rest of the people who said she was ugly. ha! cause she ugly. & the tattoo is horrible! bad idea. messsed up your leg, girl.

  21. So cute! Very unique!

  22. ur very pretty!! but honestly, i wouldnt ruin such pretty skin as urs. tattoos are kinda stupid, no offense. 😐
    but as you got one, please dont get anymore. like seriously. no more. Ur skin is too perfect for inking.

    btw i dont have anythign against tats, no way. urs is very unique. but one is more than enough

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