Diabetes and Obesity Chocolate Bars

Product Swap by TrustoCorp

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  1. I am studying social marketing for health. LOVE THIS!!!

  2. I'm a thin diabetic. As any educated diabetic knows, its not so much the sugar, its the 'carbs'. There also is 'no' evidence sugar causes diabetes. This pic just shows how uneducated you are.

  3. LOL. That one's just mean.

  4. Sugars are carbs ....

  5. Obesity contributes to 55% of adult onset diabetes (CDC, 2004). I'd say the two chocolate bar labels are incredibly relevant.

  6. you'd have to eat this every single day for one year to get obese. i really doupt anyone is eating this everyday.

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  8. Everything in moderation. If you eat too much of course you're going to become obese.

  9. some peple do eat this every day!

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