Bullet Chandelier

Bullet Sphere Chandelier

Chandelier Sculpture by Kevin Champeny

See Through Canoe

Tomato Hair Style

Hair Cut And Dyed To Look Like A Tomato

Ripe Tomato by Hiro at Trick Store in Osaka

Found via Obvious Winner

Rainbow Fan

Rainbow Colored Fan Blades

Rainbow Colored Fan Blades

Rainbow Fan by Sulia

Nuts & Bolts of Chess

Zip Tie

Zipper Necktie

Zip Tie

Created by Josh Jakus

Butterfly Knife Cufflinks

Butterfly Knife Cufflinks

Cufflinks at Cool Material

V12 Coffee Table

V12 5.3 Litre Engine Block Coffee Table

Coffee Table by Sylvester Grumula

Daily Pop

Bubble Wrap Calendar

Bubble Calendar by Perpetual Kid

Pillow Fight Weapons

Plush Weapons Shaped Pillows

Designed by Bryan Ku