Cruise Postponed

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  1. The Titanic has returned!

  2. What is a ship that size doing that close to shore?

  3. As my high school girlfriend once said after nearly driving into a huge truck: "Woopsie!".

  4. I think this one?,33.238535&spn=0.011521,0.061841&t=h&z=15

  5. Nope Mike.....

    quite obviously its not "that one"... look at the hull design in the photo and compare it with your google maps find...

    I must say though, thats an amazing little thing you've found on google maps there.... how'd you stumble across that?

  6. I know exactly where that shipwreck is.. it's in Greece, near Athens.. I know it cos it's near my hometown.. and I've taken pictures of it too... and guys you won't believe for how long time that ship is in the sea.. it can be seen via google earth.. it is a very sad image to see for real...

    This is the shipwreck :,23.488845&spn=0.003845,0.006845&z=17

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